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 New Rally Australia 2009 by Chris B

17-Aug-09 09:31 PM 

Well, the rally is new, differentarea, no more unique ball bearing I guess. So to get a discussion started.

But for the moment something completely different. Am I missing something, have week sources, or is there indeed still no entry list up for Rally Australia?

 Re: New Rally Australia 2009 by m4d-mike

20-Aug-09 06:31 PM 

hope this helps

 Re: New Rally Australia 2009 by Chris B

21-Aug-09 04:42 AM 

Tanks m4d-mike, but too late, we have it already here:

The entry list really was that late being published. One interesting question mark is the entry of Neil Bates. He actually enters 2 cars, one for an unknown driver. In the entry list it says Toyota Corolla S2000, but since it also says "subject to FIA homologation" and since the Toyota Corolla S2000R already ran on the Rally GB 2006, I have the suspiscioun that this is actually a Toyota Auris!

 Re: New Rally Australia 2009 by m4d-mike

21-Aug-09 09:01 AM 

yearp the auris corrolla thing is just the name like golf rabbit thing here and in the states. although i wonder would that actually have to count for homologation.

 Re: New Rally Australia 2009 by teamanager

22-Aug-09 03:26 PM 

Or the Mitsubishi Lancer and Carisma, run By Tommi Makkinen and Richard Burns a few years ago. Same car, different badging.

 Re: New Rally Australia 2009 by Chris B

22-Aug-09 08:04 PM 

Indeed there are several examples, many of them between UK and Europe even, Ford Cortina and Taunus, Sapphire and Sierra, etc. The FIA homologation papers state in such case "model also marketed as..." and both names can be used.

As teamanager says, with the Mitsubishi Carisma we had it even that Mäkinen drove a Lancer Ee and Richard a Carisma GT according to badge and entry lists. However if you looked more closely you found that Richard often droe old Mäkinen cars with the same reg plate, just rebadged. The cars were 100 percent identical! Same also some years earlier with Opel Kadett E and Vauxhall Astra Mk2.

Still, thanks for the help, I did not actually now that what we know in the whole of Europe as the Auris still was called Corolla down under. Very confusing! Things are not helped - or maybe this is my short coming - by the cars looking that similar. I.e. behind the scenes we had discussions in the past if for our database a new generation qualifies for a new model entry, or is it the same model as long as it keeps its name. I was firm on new generation equals new model entry for often on some markets a model name change goes with it. Look alone at VW Golf and its saloon brothers Jetta, Bora, Vento and Jetta again. However I did not want to go overboard and accepted facelifts as being the same old model of car. Well, to be honest, with the Toyota Corolla E120 to Auris E140, this is really such a minor facelift that without namechange I would have never noticed it is a new model!

The more surprising it is that the Corolla was one of the biggest selling cars in the world, but the Auris does not sell at all in Europe! Maybe those name changes are not always clever. Even though they are abstract names, people seem to be able to relate to Corolla or Lancer. Because latter had the same fate. Corolla sells, Auris doesn't, even though it is a minor facelift. Lancer sells, Carisma doesn't. Strangely from 5th to 6th generation Lancer became Carisma in Europe, didn't sell at all, so with the 8th generation name is changed back to Lancer. Same moment, with 8th generation Japan changed name from Lancer to Cedia! Try to understand. I think with the 9th generation that is now current it's called Lancer again in Japan too.

Maybe it is also because the Carisma had no Charisma and the Auris has no Aura. LOL. This is one gripe I have against the Japanese cars. Very true, watch from at least froom 7min15sec to 8min05sec!

 Re: New Rally Australia 2009 by Adrian

28-Aug-09 02:37 AM 

I obviously welcome a new Rally Australia, its a pity I can not make it to the event this year.

It however beggars belief the resistance this event is receiving from environmental campaigners. As a motorsport enthusiast and am all for the environment protection and wildlife, most rally fans enjoy nature and being out in nature during a rally. I don't know what it is, but too many think that the favored views of a few should overrule the wider populous - the beneficial economic impact of 3/4days of flying dust.’-move-for-court-injunction/

Reading these articles just plain makes me angry. All power to enviros but pull your heads in. I would expect we may see protests during the event? Should be entertaining.

 Re: New Rally Australia 2009 by starboardtac

1-Sep-09 08:36 PM 

God hates protesters.

 Re: New Rally Australia 2009 by Chris B

3-Sep-09 09:48 PM 

So the rally organisers have made all sorts of time consuming and expensive research papers building up to the event, courts have told the environmentalist protesters that their case has no merits and they still go and block SS6 with rocks!

You may have often heard me complain about such people before, and this is proving my case. We have a lot of environmentalist protesters in Germany, they have such a huge following that formerly - and probably next month again - had them voted government!

Now, as Adrian said before, I am not hating the environment at all, in contrary, I even love this sport because it is in nature, I fully agree with protecting the environment. But the people like Green Party and other organisations are plain idiots that deserve having their heads cut off! They are total ignorants to other interests in what are supposed to be free countries, and above all they are such fanatics that they have lost all touch to reality!

About a year ago for example, near my home we have a big coal powerplant. The owners wanted to make it bigger, which would have d 400 new jobs for at least a decade and brought billions of money intto our area. Making it biggr sounds negative for environment, but it isnt, the plant is operating at its utter limits, if we switch off sections of it we will be sitting in the dark, natural power sources as wind, water, sun will never work in our area and weather. The plant is on a technical standard of 1968 and to upgrade it to modern economy, environmental filters, there is only one way, build a new section first! Of course these arses of environmentalists protested and got the project stopped. How silly is that. Thanks to environmetal pretecting protesters this coal power plant is now staying on dirty 1968 standards!

The same arses have succeeded in a section of our local motorway having a speed limit of 100kmh, even with signs put up "for noise protection" - shows perfectly how remote reality they are, because at 100kmh I cant drive any more in top gear, I have to go down a gear and do actually more noise! They tell us how to drive but they dont even know that noise, and to some degree fuel consumption, is down to revs, not speed!

I dont even attempt to start on what they have done to our sport in the early 1990s here in Germany.

But now Australia, the organisers have done everything, court decisions are against them, and they still block stages with rocks! Sorry, I cant sympathise with environmentalist protectors and hope your government will hang them. They not only spoil our fun, rocks on a stage is attempted murder! And with what the organisers and courts have done before, this is not attempted murder by accident, it is intended murder!

 Re: New Rally Australia 2009 by Adrian

4-Sep-09 05:48 AM 

Bunch of hippies.

Perhaps the government and rally team SHOULD have researched the demographic of the tweed area more-so and chosen a more suitable area. But to put the lives of people, let alone animals at risk, is simpleton. I hope the event continues in future years but in another region.

 Re: New Rally Australia 2009 by Gregor

4-Sep-09 10:36 AM 

"I dont even attempt to start on what they have done to our sport in the early 1990s here in Germany."
Maybe soon they will turn against all the chemicals used for lawns and football games will take place in tall dry grass. This is already starting to be an issue with golf courses that try to re coastal Scotland no matter in the world they are.

 Re: New Rally Australia 2009 by Chris B

7-Sep-09 07:04 PM 

Maybe this is actually wanted by the ISC. Seeing the trends in TV, maybe like the maxim 4 manufacturers, no spectators is actually a good thing....

Anyway, find this interesting.

WRC Rally Australia is apparently proud on their 70,000 spectators. That is actually 50,000 tickets plus an estimated number not paying. Hmm, why not reduce this by an estimated number that were not there to watch the rally but to kill rally drivers, I get the impression that IRC pulls slightly more interest meanwhile.

For comparison, last IRC round, Rally Barum, 265,000 tickets!

And also the organisers and their specific tricks. In CZ protesters are replaced by holkies. I know I certainly prefer Czech topless blonds over dumbarses with small penises!

 Re: New Rally Australia 2009 by levingt

9-Sep-09 07:23 AM 

Miss you all long I actually managed to get to Rally Australia and I thoroughly enjoyed my WRC hit.

"rocks on a stage is attempted murder!"

Totally agree and I really feel for the MAJORITY of locals who were very supportive of the event.

It was a shameful act.

Enough said, except please support the people that are being bombarded with letters and emails from a minority group with too much time on their hands.

Wherever you are in the world, even if you just watched it on TV or the net, a quick email to let them know you saw the event and perhaps you now know a bit more about that region of Australia:

N.B. some of the listed emails are of parliamentarians opposed to the event.

Regardless of whether the event is moved or not. Rallying should not be pushed around by this crap.

Keep it positive!