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 New Forum, News ? by Radiv

21-Sep-09 09:47 AM 

Has the plans to renew the forum gotten any further ?

Reason; The platform is a bit outdated, and:
It is hard to follow, since it is not easy to spot new entries since last vist, and that it displays all 29 pages of a thread on the front page, that takes a lot of room. Just a few examples.

So guys, any news since this one: ?

There is a lot of deep knowledge amongst the users of this forum, and I learn a lot, but it might be about time to do a makeover ?

Agree ?

 Re: New Forum, News ? by Radiv

26-Sep-09 05:03 AM 

Is this forum gone totally dead ?

Anybody here ?

 Re: New Forum, News ? by Chris B

26-Sep-09 06:28 AM 

Good question. We even have an event on this weekend.

The new forum software should come with a site update. Don't know when yet, but I can promise Adrian is working on it.

 Re: New Forum, News ? by Radiv

30-Sep-09 12:58 AM 

Any timelines for the jump to a new platform ?

It is of course possible to do this in steps, if it is a while away, and do the forum update as the first step.

 Re: New Forum, News ? by Adrian

16-Oct-09 04:17 AM 

Thanks for the reminder. I've got so very far with the site upgrade, but it has been on hold while I have been very busy.

But I will try and start the forum upgrade next week. Its quite easy to install a new forum, but the tricky part will be migrating the forum posts and users - which I want to do so avoid people having to sign up again.


 Re: New Forum, News ? by Radiv

19-Oct-09 05:19 PM 

It is usually hard to export and Import all the posts in a sensible way. If that is hard to do in a easy way, just keep this one as a reference via a link, and start fresh, with a good structure !

 Re: New Forum, News ? by Adrian

13-Nov-09 02:31 AM 

Just to say, that we will definatley have this for next season. I have the new software running but need to find a little more time to set it up and finish of an integration with the current memberships.


 Re: New Forum, News ? by mof

16-Nov-09 09:03 PM 

Great news Adrian. Your thankless work in the background is appreciated. ;-)

 Re: New Forum, News ? by Radiv

17-Nov-09 02:06 PM 

Super Adrian !

What engine are you tuning; phpBB, vBulletin or Joomla based maybe ?

 Re: New Forum, News ? by starboardtac

2-Dec-09 11:48 AM 

What the hell was that about?!

 Re: New Forum, News ? by Radiv

2-Dec-09 12:39 AM 

When can we expect the "new" site online ?

 Re: New Forum, News ? by Chris B

2-Dec-09 10:46 PM 

What was that about? IP let us down! Right during Safari! I am at least as annoyed as any of your visitors. I took holiday for this, writing lots and spent 6 days in front of a white screen. In my day job I work with an IP and they need 6 hours, not 6 days to rectify a server failure, but maybe Adrian can explain better.

New forum .... in fact new site layout, all in the do, as always too little time for anything, and with the other problems now new design probably delayed further. But I honestly can promise it is worth the wait!!!!

 Re: New Forum, News ? by Adrian

3-Dec-09 02:37 AM 

But given the server problems its pushing me to fix that and get the new site up. Things are rolling...

 Re: New Forum, News ? by radiv

4-Dec-09 02:25 AM 

Super, we appreciate it !