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 Rally Spain by Radiv

3-Oct-09 04:14 AM 

Anyone in here following the Catalan rally ?

 Re: Rally Spain by Chris B

3-Oct-09 09:58 AM 

Yep, follow it. It's SS11 and no change in top6 since SS3 and gaps in sec per km quite a bit larger than in IRC San Remo despite all using the same car....

 Re: Rally Spain by RonSkoda

3-Oct-09 02:38 PM 

And the French pensioner in an old Peugeot is rather close to a lot of the WRC 'stars'

 Re: Rally Spain by Chris B

3-Oct-09 02:48 PM 

Yep, 63 years old, didn't start a WRC event for a whole quarter century and beats Rautenbach first try! Quite funny actually!

 Re: Rally Spain by Radiv

4-Oct-09 04:41 PM 

Petter is back for real, and Brynildsen is ecstatic over the Fabia S2000 that he won Gr N in. Will be fun to watch them both in RAC.

Hoping for both at the podiums !!