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 Rally GB - 2nd drivers, how important? by gemini

11-Oct-09 01:08 AM 

Reason I'm starting this thread now is it could be the deciding factor in Mikko vs Seb at Rally GB?

 Re: Rally GB - 2nd drivers, how important? by Chris B

11-Oct-09 06:21 AM 

Indeed. Sorts of....

I would think Latvala can help Hirvonen more than Sordo can help Loeb in GB. That is why I believe Citroen gave Petter the C4 and even entered him for Junior team makes points.

However unfortunately the title battle is too tight and also no drrop scores to make things more tactically interesting. Well, droop scores in this case would have helped Loeb no end anyway.

But it seems strange to say the battle is too tight for excitement. Without anything else like droop scores to be considered and Hirvonen being 1 point ahead of Loeb with a tie decider going Loebs way, it is left as simple as however beats the other is champ. This means in the constellation we have now Latvala and Petter play no significance. Loeb has to beat Hirvonen and vice versa, nothing else is interesting. If Loeb comes 6th and Hirvonen 7th, Loeb is champ, it simply doesnt matter if Latvala and Solberg are ahead and apply pressure.

It will be an interesting round because it is one of the rallies I expect Hirvonen to do well. So they both would go flar out the start. But as soon as one hits a problem, the other will slow down immediately and make sure of a finish. If Loeb s out, Hirvonen is champ, if Hirvonen s out or way down, 8th place will do for Loeb, so we could actually end up with a very boring rally. Makes titles are settled, so no considerations here. We will see.

 Re: Rally GB - 2nd drivers, how important? by Chris B

11-Oct-09 06:28 AM 

Actually, this sounds strange but is interesting. Had the time penalty thing in Australia not happened, GB would in fact be more interesting. Then Loeb would have a 3 points lead and that meant Mikko would have to be 4 points ahead. Like Mikko win and Loeb no better than 3rd. If Mikko would come 2nd, Loeb can come no higher than 5th. So then interesting tactics would come in, Latvala having to beat Loeb and be between Loeb and Mikko, while Citroen in return would have to try to make Ford's task more difficult in avoiding Hirvonen to win, while Loeb can't take to big risks, i.e. a job for Petter.... But its a straight fight now.

 Re: Rally GB - 2nd drivers, how important? by AndyRAC

11-Oct-09 10:17 AM 

I know people won't agree, but if Loeb doesn't win the WRC, it will be a travesty. He's won the most events, been the fastest, yet isn't leading the Championship. Apart from the major accident on the Acropolis, he's been a little unlucky - 2 penalties costing him points, unlucky in Poland hitting a rock in a corner. And in the middle part of the season on the dry dusty events, he's been first on the road.
Whole Mikko is a quick, consistent driver, and very likeable, it will be a hollow victory if he wins the WRC.

 Re: Rally GB - 2nd drivers, how important? by RonSkoda

11-Oct-09 12:14 AM 

I tend to agree with you Andy. Mikko has certainly benefited from a points system that favours consistency and a calendar biased towards gravel, and that's before you even consider they penalty in Australia.

Go Seb!

 Re: Rally GB - 2nd drivers, how important? by AndyRAC

11-Oct-09 06:32 PM 

The calendar is another matter altogether. Who in their right mind drew it up? If Mikko was choosing a calendar, he couldn't have done much better himself - 1 'proper' Tarmac round, plus Ireland as a replacement for Monte. Add the rough, dusty Gravel events mid season, Voila!!
It's amazing really, people on another forum think Rallying is only for Gravel. Rallying actually started life on Tarmac, and as such thee should always be plenty of Tarmac rounds.

 Re: Rally GB - 2nd drivers, how important? by Chris B

12-Oct-09 07:29 PM 

Here is by the way the Rally GB entry list. May help, because between all the green talk, hands up to anyone who finds it on the official Wales Rally GB web site

Oh, and congrats to Mikko for his World title. I take it he has won it and on the entry list there is a misprint. Because Loeb will not start. According to EuroSport German commentators Loeb will start a rally in England - and not Wales - on the same weekend!

 Re: Rally GB - 2nd drivers, how important? by gemini

13-Oct-09 04:22 AM 

What I getting at here is the stupid tactics that have been in play on every gravel round this year.
Loeb or Hivo slow down to drop behind Sordo or Latvala respectively so they are road sweeper for Day Two.
Sordo isn't that good an actor and his pretend "accidents" or "troubles" won't win him any Oscars but at least he did what he needed to unlike Latvala who stuffed up Ford tactics by crashing most the time.

So for GB these guys could ultimately decide whetehr Hirvo or Loeb get the best starting position for Day 2.

 Re: Rally GB - 2nd drivers, how important? by Radiv

13-Oct-09 12:33 AM 

If Petter is able to fight in the top in GP, will he be allowed to ?

 Re: Rally GB - 2nd drivers, how important? by Chris B

13-Oct-09 05:56 PM 

With tactics we will have to wait and see.

"If Petter is able to fight in the top in GP, will he be allowed to ?"

Yes, why not? As I said above, the gap between Hirvonen and Loeb is 1point for Hirvonen with a tie decider going Loeb's way. This means it absolutely doesn't matter if the championship pair is fighting for 1st, 6th or 8th place as long as one is ahead of the other. If Petter is ahead or not doesn't make the slightest difference for Loeb's title ambitions.

 Re: Rally GB - 2nd drivers, how important? by AndyRAC

19-Oct-09 09:00 AM 

Regarding RallyGB, is it me, or is there a lack of buzz?
I've been watchin old RAC's on YouTube, and the crowds, amazing, 160+ cars you wouldn't believe it was the same event. Actually, it isn't.

 Re: Rally GB - 2nd drivers, how important? by Radiv

19-Oct-09 05:21 PM 

Its become too expensive to do for many privateers !