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 WRC coming to N. America? by starboardtac

15-Oct-09 10:28 AM 

Curious as to why he isn't taking Travis with him:

 Re: WRC coming to N. America? by Colin McRazy

15-Oct-09 10:50 AM 

Who is the better driver out of them?

Do you think they will compete with people like Henning Solberg and Matthew Wilson?

 Re: WRC coming to N. America? by starboardtac

15-Oct-09 01:23 PM 

Between Pastrana and Atkinson? Travis certainly has testicular fortitude going for him:

Both Block and Pastrana have limited experience with developing their own pace notes, so that will be a disadvantage, however, Travis did do a Rally-America season with Derik Ringer.

If they are up to speed with their pace notes, I can see Travis doing top fives and Ken doing top eights on a regular basis, not factoring in crashes.

 Re: WRC coming to N. America? by Gregor

19-Oct-09 10:31 PM 

I'd take a wait and see attitude; Pastrana ran a handful of events with Derek Ringer and John Buffum when his regular codriver was trying to juggle his normal job and a baby. Both Ken and Travis were so-so in Mexico and Ken had a bad foray into a pair of Asia Pacific events.

To be honest I think I like both their codrivers better; they post regularly on local forums, particularly Alessandro Gelsomino who works with Ken Block. He is very vocal about the need for developing pace notes, which is still a point of contention among US competitors due the time and cost of recce.

Ken Block makes sense since he's always going to be available; Travis has a pretty heavy schedule of various 'extreme' activities in addition to rally. Plus Ken's got a few well publicized YouTube videos and a short spot on Top Gear to help with name recognition outside the US.

I'm hoping more that Ford steps into the US with some plans for a makes series or contingency prizes for the new Fiesta, which is supposed to turn up soon. A pre-production one was at a rally I attended last weekend.

 Re: WRC coming to N. America? by tommimakinenfan2002

22-Oct-09 01:00 AM 

Ken Block says this is all a rumor.