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 Congrats Seb! by Ron@work

25-Oct-09 10:16 AM 

On your 6th world title!

Despite the mistakes I still feel this was the right result. Mikko has improved greatly, but still isn't quite there yet.

This could have been Mikko's best chance for a while though, with more tarmac next year things might be hard.

 Re: Congrats Seb! by Chris B

25-Oct-09 12:37 AM 

Absolutely agree. Loeb was the one who deserved it. His crash in Poland was extremely unlucky and his time penalty in Australia not his fault. Mikko has improved greatly, but remember at the start of the season he nearly got a crisis, it was Latvala and not Hirvonen to look like Loeb's closest challenge. And anyway, interesting we had such a close battle in the end, but this points system, someone wins 7 of 12 rallies and does not getb the title simply would be wrong, a joke really for the WRC that the gap is only 1 point!