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 Brynildsen Excluded in GB - FIA Stewards system by Radiv

26-Oct-09 06:33 AM 

Eyvind Brynildsen drove a perfect PWRC Rally in GB in the Fabia.

After the rally the stewards found that the rear break calippers had smaller pistons than homologated. The part had been supplied to RGRS from Skoda MS.

Brynildsen was excluded from the rally, and lost 3rd in the PWRC championship. A big blow to a young privately financed driver.

Loeb got 1 min time added after his irregularities, problem here is that the stewards and FIA do not have a given penalty for the same "crime", so it is up to the persons at the different rallies to judge, and that the punishment differs from who did it.

It is too much at stake for a system like that to still be in effect - What can be done to change it so the system gets more fare for everyone ?

 Re: Brynildsen Excluded in GB - FIA Stewards syste by Chris B

26-Oct-09 08:32 AM 

Hi Radiv, absolutely agree on this one! And it is not the first time it happened either. Examples.

Rally GB 2001, Burns' Subaru does not fire up in park fermé. Subaru engineers work frantically with lap tops on the engine, all filmed on TV! Penalty, nothing, Burns becomes World Champion. Only a few months later, Argentina 02, Grönholm's Peugeot does not fire up in parc ferme. Exactly same crime! Only difference to Subaru in GB, Peugeot does not make it as obvious Grönholm repairs the car himself with a mechanic standing in some distance giving instruction by mobile phone. Penalty: Disqualification! The irony, it was a Subaru manager who reported this incident to the stewarts! Subaru did it themselves in GB, the Subaru manager was in the same forbidden zone than the Peugeot mechanic!

Same, don't know the years off my head. But same Argentina 2002 Burns Peugeot got excluded for a flywheel being 20grams, 0.02kg underweight. Penalty: Disqualification. There also have been other examples with teams being disqualified for cars underweight by like 2kg. But Acropolis one year the Subarus are found a full 40kg underweight! Penalty nothing!

"What can be done to change it so the system gets more fare for everyone ?"

Simple - wait for the next FIA election, when someone wins who promises to change absolutely everything round, like Ari Vatanen did.