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 Rally France gets new home by starboardtac

29-Oct-09 09:12 AM

"The World Rally Championship promoter International Sportsworld Communicators has been pushing for a move away from island rallying in favour of larger centres of population on the mainland."

Since WHEN?

We were treated to both Cyprus and Sardinia this year. Sardinia being a relatively recent phenomenon bumping San Remo off the calendar. And Cyprus, well, we all know how you feel about that one, Chris B. No dig against Alsace, but Corsica was one of the more unique and interesting events on the calendar in past years - the best of the 3 island events by far.

Is ISC's assertion just some lame excuse because Corsica left the WRC for IRC and refuses to come back?

 Re: Rally France gets new home by Gregor

29-Oct-09 09:48 AM 

Let us hope so.

 Re: Rally France gets new home by AndyRAC

29-Oct-09 02:39 PM 

I do worry with some of the thinking behind ISC's statements. Tour de Corse is one of the original events in the WRC, it still should be the French round of the series. Their (ISC) thinking is misguided.
As a another forum member said, this is now the time for Eurosport Events to make a move and invite Corsica into the IRC.

 Re: Rally France gets new home by Chris B

5-Nov-09 05:41 PM 

Well, now they have done it! We have lost Safari, Monte in WRC and have instead rubbish like Cyprus and Sardinia.

Hmm, strangely Cyprus and Sardinia rubbish are for 2010 in IRC. Also it must be said it is not quite clear whose decision this was. When the calendar should be between ISC and FIA, it seems it was the French federation to decide that Alsace replaces Corsica.

I have been to the Rallye Alsace-Voges surely 10 times and it is an ace event. And OK it is Loeb home. But still a weird decission. Have that a couple of months after Rallye Deutschland Very similar area. The Alsace stages are also very much comparable to Rallye Deutschland Saarland leg stages, just a little hillier and more forest.

Now they have done it as in we have so many rubbish events and now my all time favourite is gone.

The problem I have with Cyprus and Sardinia is not that they are islands, but mainly the ultra rough lottery character of the events and the no-name areas, meaning little meaningful for fans and such TV and little marketing return. In this even ISC says now the change to Sardinia was a very bad move for WRC because it is a remote island and not the customers and fans are. Cyprus is even worse, it is not fully connected to another country, what market does Cyprus serve. It is maximum cost for minimum marketing and little sporting value.

Corsica is different. It is connected to France. Surely looking at my Sardinia gripe it would make sense to have the event on mainland France. But we have Monte Carlo, which is mostly on mainland France!

Corsica is a traditional WRC event, part of it since 1973! It is history!

Corsica also the whole island is purpose built for rallying! It is the best island event by a long way, it is the best asphalt event by a long way. The scenery is totally bizarre! Red rock dumped bright blue sea and some white beach. The only piece of straight asphalt is the Ajaccio airport runway. I have been there as a spectator, the whole island is made of rally stages, every single little stretch of road is a rally stage! This event is so unique, so recogniseable like absolutely no other event the WRC ever had bar Safari!

The French WRC event not on Corsica What a huge crime!