Ford's 150 WRC points scores in succession

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Ford's 150 WRC points scores in succession

Postby ChrisB » 29 Apr 2012 23:58

Congratulations Ford!

Question is, how much are WRC makes points worth today? If there are 2 manufacturers only, with max 2 cars each, a nomination system and points for top10 nominated cars, you must be pretty, er what is the word, to not score points. I.e. with only 2 makes present most of the time, I wouldn't i.e. advertise the fact, that my make only won 27%....

Anyway, 150 finishes in a row is also very, very impressive (though what was that with superally?)

Anyway, for this article: ... stid=10079

I had the problem that our system only allows headlines with 40 digits and Ford's headline including spaces was 41 digits. Therefore I had to drop 1 letter and with the WRC points being worth so little, it was obvious "points" was the word I would have to drop that 1 letter from.

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