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Thu September 25, 2003

Gilles Panizzi Lionheart Peugeot Gilles Panizzi Lionheart Peugeot Sport's asphalt ace will be back in action as the WRC heads to the mountains of the Italian Riviera, a region the Frenchman knows particularly well for having won the Sanremo Rally for the past three years. Once again, he is raring to go, his sights set very much on vi...

Sun October 7, 2001


WRC Panizzi WIns! @ 01:09 PM - Sebastian Loeb had 11.8s to make up on Panizzi before the last stage but it seems both took it reasonably carefully. Final results: 1. Panizzi, 2. Loeb +11.4, 3. Auriol +54.9, 4. Sainz +1:11.9, 5. Travaglia +1:32.1, 6. Delecour +2:28.6, 7. Gronholm +2:47.1, 8. McRae +3:53.7, 9. Solberg +3:59.9, 10. Jean-Joseph +4:01.5.

Subaru Markko Martin Out Big! @ 12:53 AM - The Estonian's Subaru hit a wall on SS15 and slid 80 metres down a slope!!! Both Markko and Beef are ok as the results of the final stage are on their way.

Mitsubishi Makinen Out in Rain @ 12:09 AM - He took a wheel off his Lancer on SS15 on wet stages. The top 10 remained the same on that stage apart from McRae taking ninth from Jean-Joseph.

WRC Two To Go @ 09:21 AM - After SS14: 1. Panizzi, 2. Loeb +33.5, 3. Auriol +56.7, 4. Sainz +1:39.7, 5. Travaglia +1:45.2, 6. Delecour +2:26.8, 7. Gronholm +3:04.0, 8. Solberg +3:17.2, 9. Jean-Joseph +3:39.3, 10. McRae +4:06.3, 11. Makinen +4:14.5.

WRC More Problems @ 09:16 AM - Hagstrom Crashed near the end of SS13 and Gronholm has lost a further minute on SS14 with power steering problems.

WRC Gronholm Struggles @ 08:01 AM - His Peugeot lost power-steering 7kms from the end of SS13. Wrestling the car through the twisty stage lost him around one minute. SS14 is reported to be damp.

WRC End of Leg 2 Positions @ 04:04 AM - After SS12: 1. Panizzi, 2. Loeb +34.5, 3. Auriol +41.8, 4. Gronholm +1:10.5, 5. Sainz +1:36.4, 6. Travaglia +1:40.8, 7. Delcour +2:09.8, 8. Solberg +2:53.3, 9. Jean-Joseph +2:58.7, 10. McRae +3:27.0.

Sat October 6, 2001


WRC Bugalski Out Now Too @ 08:56 AM - Bugalski has now stopped in SS8 with no fuel pressure and has retired. The positions are: 1. Panizzi, 2. Auriol +35.2, 3. Loeb +36.1, 4. Sainz +1.05.1, 5. Gronholm + 1.06.4, 6. Travaglia +1.23.6.

WRC Havock Continues @ 08:35 AM - The first two stages of the 2nd leg have continued to produce retirements and troubles. Arai lost a wheel 4kms into SS7, Jesus Puras crashed his Citroen out of the event in SS7bis, Bugalski lost 30s from a frontal impact and Markko is continuing with damage to the side of his car with 3 mins lost.

Fri October 5, 2001


WRC End of Leg One @ 06:02 PM - Overall positions at the end of Leg One of the San Remo Rally are as follows: 1. PURAS (1:31:41.4) 2. PANIZZI (1:31:42.9) 3. BULGASKI (1:31:57.5 4. AURIOL (1:32:08.0) 5. LOEB (1:32:12.8) 6. GRONHOLM (1:32:18.1) 7. SAINZ (1:32:32.1) 8. DELECOUR (1:32:50.6) 9. TRAVAGLIA (1:32:53.1) 10. SOLBERG (1:32:55.1)..... Keep it for info as it happens

WRC Panizzi moves into 1st @ 01:07 PM - Times after SS4(5): 1. Panizzi 2.Puras +0.5s 3.Gronholm +11.2s 4.Auriol +19.1s 5.Bugalski +21.6s 6.Loeb +24.3s 7.Sainz +28.8s 8.Delecour +33.8s 9.Solberg +44.0s 10.Martin +46.9s  

WRC French teams dominate @ 12:04 AM - Times after SS3(4): 1. Puras 2.Panizzi +3.9s 3.Gronholm +15.2s 4.Auriol +19.6s 5.Loeb +25.8s 6.Sainz +28.6s 7.Bugalski +28.6s 8.Delecour +33.3s 9.Solberg +39.5s 10.Martin +39.7s 

WRC Puras leads after SS2b @ 09:47 AM - Times after SS2b: 1. Puras  2.Panizzi +1.9s  3.Gronholm +7.7s  4.Auriol +14.0s  5.Sainz +16.4s   6.Loeb +19.6s   7.Delecour +22.2s   8.Bugalski +25.7s   9.Martin +28.9s   10.Travaglai +31.0s

Subaru Other Subies In Trouble @ 08:19 AM - Toshi Arai and Markko Martin have complained of handling problems on the first stage after coming in 18th and 11th. Solberg was 9th.

WRC Carnage on first stage @ 08:13 AM - Armin Schwarz and Piero Liatti are also out on the first stage. Philippe Bugalski also suffered car damage after hitting a wall. Panizzi won the stage in the Peugeot.

WRC Burns Out On First Stage @ 08:04 AM - Richard and Robert reportedly slid wide on a corner on SS1 4kms into the 12km, and were not able to get their car back on the stage - both are ok, but there championship could be dealt a blow!

Thu October 4, 2001


WRC Pirelli runners quick @ 12:15 AM - Carlos Sainz was quickest on Wednesday's pre-event shakedown test. Pirelli shod runners unexpectedly dominated the time sheets on the short stage around the village of Borghetto d’Arascia, with Subaru's young guns Solberg and Martin completing the top three.

Wed October 3, 2001


Ford Praying for Rain? @ 05:36 PM - The weather in San Remo is going to be an important factor in deciding victory - if it rains, the Pirelli shod cars will come into the equation, and that means McRae and Burns - check out the rally weather direct from San Remo.

Mon August 27, 2001


Skoda 3 Octavias for Italy @ 09:35 AM - Rising Czech star Roman Kresta will drive a third officially entered Skoda Octavia WRC on October's San Remo Rally. It will be the first appearance for Kresta as an official Skoda Motorsport works driver - his start in Kenya was as a private entry in an old EVO1 spec car.

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