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Thu October 31, 2002

Skoda Octavias well placed after SS1

WRC Petter Solberg Wins First Stage

WRC Shaking it up Before Rally Australia


WRC Delecour 10s Penalty @ 02:16 PM - Francois Delecour suffered a 10 second penalty after a jump start on the Langley Park SS1 stage. This places him way down in 45th position (0:01:40.2) instead of 7th.

WRC WRC Text Messages @ 01:16 PM - Sign up for WRC text messages, sent direct to your mobile wherever you are in the World after each stage.

WRC Australia @ 01:00 PM - SS1 Langley Park: 1. Solberg 0:01:28.7 2. Grönholm +0:00:00.3 3. Burns +0:00:00.9 4. Sainz +0:00:00.9 5. Rovanpera +0:00:01.1 6. Makinen +0:00:01.3 7. Eriksson +0:00:01.6 =7. Loix +0:00:01.6 9. C.McRae +0:00:01.7 10. Loeb +0:00:01.8 11. Duval +0:00:02.2 12. Gardemeister +0:00:02.6 =12. Kankkunen +0:00:02.6 14. Schwarz +0:00:02.7 15. Paasonen +0:00:02.9 16. Kuchar +0:00:03.8 17. Barratt +0:00:05.7 18. Herridge +0:00:06.7 19. Stohl +0:00:07.4

Wed October 30, 2002

Peugeot Provera: “We want intelligent drivers”

WRC South Africa to bid for WRC event

Games Rally Game Cheat & Unlock Codes

Peugeot Peugeot With Formidable AU Drivers


Games Cheat Codes Added @ 04:08 PM - Cheat codes have been added to the site for the most popular games. If you know of any others, please email me at andy@wrc-online.net and let me know.

WRC Oz Starting Order & History @ 06:50 AM - Rally Australia gets underway Thursday night at 1830hrs (+0800GMT) with the Langley Park Super Special Stage, the starting order and previous rally results can be found here.

Tue October 29, 2002

Skoda Toni & Kenneth on points mission

Games Welcome to the Games Site!

WRC WRC Text Message Service

Mon October 28, 2002

Ford McRae pushes for second in Oz

Citroen Loeb & Citroen Ready for AU Debut


WRC Rally Australia Tipping @ 01:22 PM - You've got till midnight on Wednesday to get your tips in for Rally Australia by going here. Good luck.

Sun October 27, 2002

Subaru All out with nothing to loose

Sat October 26, 2002

WRC Dual Invasion Down Under

Fri October 25, 2002

WRC WRC-Offline

WRC Auriols Hats...He Loves Em!

Thu October 24, 2002

Skoda Auriol to join Gardemeister at Skoda

Peugeot Burns Scorches Panizzi’s Chances

Wed October 23, 2002

Skoda Auriol looks likely for Skoda seat

Hyundai Hyundai Aiming For Points

WRC Martini WRC Ride Prize Ends Soon

Tue October 22, 2002

Ford Ford launch new rally contender


WRC New Ford RallyeConcept @ 00:01 AM - Ford today unveiled the RallyeConcept. Could this Fiesta inspired car be the new Super 1600 contender to replace the Puma, or might we even see a WRC replacement for the Focus?

Mon October 21, 2002

WRC Rally Of Great Britain Leg 3

WRC Rally Of Great Britain Leg 2

WRC Australia 2002 - Leg 3

WRC Australia 2002 - Leg 2

Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Get Set For Australia

WRC Rally Australia Starting Order & History

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