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Mon October 13, 2003

MSD Not Happy Campers Hyundai MSD Not Happy Campers It is now confirmed that HWRT will not be competing in the Corsica round of the World Rally Championship and it they are unlikely to participate in any further events this year following the failure of the Hyundai Motor Company to meet the contractual payments that were due to MS...

Sun October 12, 2003

WRC Tour de Corse Starting Order

Peugeot wins makes title in Catalunya Peugeot Peugeot wins makes title in Catalunya We have already covered that Peugeot has to get their act together now. I personally believe the Peugeot 206 WRC has lost absolutely nothing in its competitiveness, it is bad luck. Look at the last 3 events: In Finland Marcus Grönholm retired from the lead for a silly wheelbearin...

Panizzi: I want to win Corsica and Spain Peugeot Panizzi: I want to win Corsica and Spain We have a short but well worthwhile interview with Gilles Panizzi. He talks about his recent San Remo Rally and his chances on the coming asphalt events. You had an eventful Rally an Remo. How did it come to the correct tyre choice that gave Peugeot 2nd place? Gilles: ...


WRC Corse Tips @ 00:22 AM - Not long to get your Corsica tips in, tip your top-8 here.

Sat October 11, 2003

Peugeot needs to iron the asphalt Peugeot Peugeot needs to iron the asphalt Peugeot will have to fight hard on the next 2 asphalt rallies. Peugeot has been in the lead of the makes title race since the Rally NZ, the 4th round of the championship, but fell behind Citroen again in only the last event. While the disadvantage is only 4 points, there is no de...

WRC Interesting Peugeot show in Finland

Wed October 8, 2003

Skoda Skoda youngster set for Rally GB start


WRC Tarmac Tipping Terror @ 11:41 AM - The Wrc-Online Corsica and Catalunya tipping competitions are taking entries, tip your top-8 for both events for some good free competition.

Tue October 7, 2003

Subaru Preparation for Tarmac Events

Mon October 6, 2003

4 rallies in 4 weeks 4 Cedric Peugeot 4 rallies in 4 weeks 4 Cedric Cedric Robert and his co-driver Gerald Bedon have finished their Sanremo Rally in an excellent ninth place. The young Equipe de France FFSA driver ended the event 7 minutes and 25 seconds behind the winner. Cedric and Gerald were also the first privateer crew home, a well-deserve...

Sun October 5, 2003

Fabia Claims San Remo Points Skoda Fabia Claims San Remo Points Škoda Motorsport World Rally Team driver Didier Auriol finished the Sanremo Rally in 12th position. The result brought the first points for the Fabia WRC in the Manufacturers’ competition since the car was introduced 11 weeks ago. Team mate Toni Gardemeister crashed out of the ra...

Team Fumbles in Final Torrential Rain Ford Team Fumbles in Final Torrential Rain Ford BP Rallye Sport drivers Markko Märtin and Michael Park finished third on Italy's Rallye Sanremo today after a dramatic final few kilometres in the mountains of the southern Alps turned the leaderboard on its head. Their Ford Focus RS World Rally Car was fastest on seven o...

Subaru hope for better in Corsica Subaru Subaru hope for better in Corsica On a drama-filled day in Sanremo, 555 Subaru World Rally Team driver Tommi Mäkinen put in a consistent and reliable performance at the wheel of his Impreza WRC2003 to improve on his overnight position, finish in the top-10 and collect Manufacturers' Championship points for Sub...

Citroen Take Championship Lead Citroen Citroen Take Championship Lead Citroen's Sébastien Loeb dominated the weekend's (2-5 October 2003) Italian round of the World Rally Championship, positioning the rookie Citroen driver and the Citroen team for a unique achievement - winning the manufacturers' and drivers' titles in their debut World...

Fancy a shower? Peugeot Fancy a shower? This Rally San Remo had one of the most unexpected and twisted finals motorsport has ever seen – sorry, forgot, tarmac rallies are supposed to be boring. For 2 ½ days the positions seemed to confirm themselves and gaps between basically all drivers inside the top10 were so big, r...

Seb holds on after dramatic finale WRC Seb holds on after dramatic finale It looked as though nothing could shake Sebastien Loeb and his stroll to victory after a commanding performance over two and a half days of the San Remo Rally - that was until the crews set out to tackle the last pair of stages where rain had started to fall. The heavens truly o...


WRC Makes title battle @ 07:44 AM - provisional, unofficial standings after San Remo: 1st Citroen 125points // 2nd Peugeot 121 // 3rd Subaru 76 // 4th Ford 71 // 5th Skoda 21

WRC Drivers title battle @ 07:43 AM - provisional, unofficial standings after San Remo: 1st Burns 57points // 2nd Loeb 55 // 3rd Sainz 53 // 4th Solberg 48 // 5th Märtin 43 // 6th Grönholm 38 // 7th Mc Rae 36 // 8th Mäkinen 21 // 9th Rovanperä 18 // 10th Duval 15 // 11th Panizzi 14

WRC I SS14 - WOOOWWW!!! @ 07:37 AM - Loeb wins but does not take the championship lead! Grönholm crashes out on last stage! Panizzi passes Märtin, moving from 5th to 2nd in the last two stages! Unofficial, provisional final positions: 1. Loeb 4:16:33.7, 2. Panizzi +28.3 3. Märtin +54.6 4. Sainz +2:33.2 5. Duval +3:58.9 6. Mc Rae +4:23.8 7. Burns +7:09.5 8. Bugalski +7:12.6 9. Robert +7:25.7 10. Mäkinen +7:32.2

WRC I SS13 - Unlucky for many @ 07:33 AM - Wow, rain played interesting havoc and everything suddenly came alive! The first 1/3rd of the stage was dry, but the last two 1/3rds were wet. Panizzi on intermediate tyres, Grönholm on cut slicks, basically everbody else on full slicks. What this created is best displayed by Panizzi: After split 3 he was 20s down on Duval, but still managed to beat him by over a minute! Such Panizzi moves ahead of Sainz as well. Not the only change... Watch the gap between Grönholm and Märtin as well with the next stage being wet. Unofficial positions with one stage to go: 1. Loeb 3:59:17.4, 2. Märtin +42.4 3. Grönholm +1:08.4 4. Panizzi +1:45.0 5. Sainz +2:22.0 6. Duval +3:04.8 7. Mc Rae +4:11.4 8. Bugalski +6:20.1 9. Robert +6:57.8 10. Burns +7:09.5

WRC Excitement builds for last 2 stages @ 07:00 AM - Weather reports say there is light rain on the penultimate stage and heavy rain on the last stage, but everybody except Peugeot, Skoda and Subaru are apparently on dry tyres.

WRC I SS12 - Two more to go @ 04:38 AM - Unofficial positions after SS12: 1. Loeb 3:39:06.5, 2. Märtin +40.3 3. Grönholm +1:16.7 4. Sainz +1:48.5 5. Panizzi +2:13.3 6. Duval +2:31.1 7. Mc Rae +3:35.8 8. Bugalski +4:37.7 9. Burns +5:40.5 10. Robert +6:06.3

WRC I SS11 - Positions confirmed @ 04:01 AM - Indeed with pretty big gaps between all top10 positions, things seem to settle. The day has started drama free. Unofficial positions after SS11: 1. Loeb 3:25:01.4, 2. Märtin +46.7 3. Grönholm +1:18.0 4. Sainz +1:49.2 5. Panizzi +2:10.8 6. Duval +2:30.6 7. Mc Rae +3:23.8 8. Bugalski +4:28.3 9. Burns +5:31.0 10. Robert +5:47.4

Sat October 4, 2003

Peugeot Quotes after long SS7


WRC I SS10 - Surprisingly drama free 52km @ 10:56 AM - Indeed. Unofficial positions after leg2: 1. Loeb 3:07:00.7, 2. Märtin +43.2 3. Grönholm +1:10.5 4. Sainz +1:42.3 5. Panizzi +1:59.1 6. Duval +2:23.8 7. Mc Rae +3:07.3 8. Bugalski +4:06.6 9. Burns +5:12.1 10. Robert +5:16.5

WRC I SS9 - Interesting between 4th, 5th & 6 @ 08:03 AM - Although Burns passed Mäkinen, the main excitement on this stage is around 4th place. Panizzi has passed Duval by 0.6s, but both fail to make a big impression on Sainz. Gap Sainz-Panizzi is 10.6s, a battle that could be important for the manufacturers WRC. The next stage is the loooong 52km one. Unofficial positions after SS9: 1. Loeb 2:32:05.2, 2. Märtin +50.1 3. Grönholm +1:05.9 4. Sainz +1:35.7 5. Panizzi +1:50.3 6. Duval +1:50.9 7. Mc Rae +2:33.2 8. Bugalski +3:41.0 9. Burns +4:27.0 10. Mäkinen +4:29.6

WRC I SS8 - Loeb taking it easy now @ 07:13 AM - Indeed Loeb only posts 7th quickest time, nearly 10s off the pace, but reports no problems. Fight for 4th meanwhile hottens up. Unofficial positions after SS8: 1. Loeb 2:17:19.0, 2. Märtin +52.1 3. Grönholm +1:02.9 4. Sainz +1:35.8 5. Duval +1:45.0 6. Panizzi +1:47.7 7. Mc Rae +2:20.0 8. Bugalski +3:32.3 9. Mäkinen +4:08.8 10. Burns +4:16.6

WRC I SS7 - First run over 52km stage @ 04:31 AM - Märtin wins stage narrowly, but his time penalty means Loeb leads now by over a minute. Sainz gave us a nice lesson how to look after your tyres and brakes over 52km. In the battle for 4th place, Sainz was clearly slower than Panizzi and Duval for the first 2/3rd of the stage to then ride an attack and finish only 1s down on Panizzi and 6.4s up on Duval in the stage. Unofficial positions after SS7: 1. Loeb 2:05:18.1, 2. Märtin +1:01.7 3. Grönholm +1:06.2 4. Sainz +1:37.5 5. Duval +1:48.1 6. Panizzi +1:51.3 7. Mc Rae +2:17.2 8. Bugalski +3:32.8 9. Mäkinen +4:00.4 10. Robert +4:10.5

Ford Problems for Markko @ 03:41 AM - Unofficial - Markko Martin's Focus WRC refused to fire up out of parc ferme this morning - the Estonian finally managed to get moving but he exited the time control three minutes late - he will therefore suffer a 30 seconds penalty.

Fri October 3, 2003

Terrible Start to Tarmac Trio Subaru Terrible Start to Tarmac Trio Subaru were as hopeful as ever coming into San Remo, and knowing there were two more tarmac rounds ahead, to start things off well and keep Ford at bay. Ford being their closest rivals in the championship as the two teams strive for third place. But the challenge never looked ser...

Markko the only man to push Seb Ford Markko the only man to push Seb The Ford team ended the opening leg of Italy's Rallye Sanremo with both Focus WRCs holding strong top five positions. Markko Märtin lies second in his Castrol-backed car with team-mate François Duval (pictured) in fifth after a long and demanding day's competition over nar...

Difficult day for Skoda Skoda Difficult day for Skoda The Škoda Motorsport World Rally Team finished the opening day of the Sanremo Rally with just one Fabia WRC still running. After a difficult day, Didier Auriol lies 13th but Toni Gardemeister retired from the rally on SS2. This morning Didier managed to find the kind of balance ...

Quotes after SS3 WRC Quotes after SS3 Hirvonen/Lehtinen Retires at the end of the stage: Broken drive belt. Martin/Park “I still have high temperature but the engine does not lose power any more”. Loeb/Elena “We could do much better but I don’t know very well this stage and I tried to stay ...

Quotes and news from service B WRC Quotes and news from service B Burns/Reid "I’ve got no confidence in myself or the car and I don’t know why: I’m driving badly and I lost much time. But I think the next two stages should suit me better.” Solberg/Mills “We could have harder tyres but we didn’t want to start maximum this morni...

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