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Sun October 21, 2001


WRC First win for Xsara T4 @ 01:19 PM - Jesus Puras recorded the first World Championship win for the Citroen Xsara WRCar today. As expected, French teams dominated the tarmac once again with Gilles Panizzi and Didier Auriol filling the remaining podium spots. The Subaru team closed out the remaining drivers points scoring places with Solberg, Burns and Martin finishing 4th, 5th and 6th.

WRC They're At It Again @ 09:25 AM - Francois Delecour (Ford) is reported to have had a puncture on the first stage of the day - Burns is now only 3 seconds from a championship point.

Sat October 20, 2001


WRC Top 10 at end of leg 2 @ 03:45 PM - 1. Puras   2. Panizzi +23.5s   3. Auriol +49.9s   4. Solberg +2m38.4s   5. Delecour +3m22.6s   6. Martin +3m40.4s   7. Burns +4m19.2s   8. Rovanpera +5m24.6s   9. Liatti +5m34.6s   10. A McRae +6m00.3s  

WRC McRae hits problems @ 03:13 PM - Colin McRae hit power steering problems in SS11 and as there was no service after the stage he had to drive through the 30km+ SS12 too. He lost around 5 minutes in total. SS12 was the final one of the day and he now heads back to service where it can be fixed.

WRC Positions after SS11 @ 02:37 PM - 1. Puras   2. Panizzi +17.2s   3. Auriol +40.5s   4. Delecour +2m13.3s   5. Solberg +2m16.0s   6. Martin + 3m16.1s   7. 4m02.3s   8. Rovanpera +4m45.6s   9. C McRae + 4m49.5s   10. Liatti + 4m56.6s  

WRC Positions after SS9 @ 12:51 AM - 1. Puras   2. Panizzi +15.9s   3.Auriol +33.8s   4. Delecour +1m53.8s   5. Solberg +1m58.3s   6. Martin 2m46.3s   7.McRae +3m07.6s   8. Burns +3m41.1s   9. Rovanpera +4m12.5s   10. Liatti +4m15.2s  

WRC Schwarz out @ 12:28 AM - Armin Schwarz has retired with steering and transmission problems during SS9. After Thiry's retirement yesterday there are no Skodas left in the rally.

WRC Leaders after SS8: @ 12:03 AM - 1. Puras   2. Panizzi +8.7s   3.Auriol +25.8s   4.Solberg +1m32.1s   5. Delecour 1m32.8s   6. Martin +2m12.7s   7. C McRae +2m39.8s   8. Burns +3m15.0s   9. Rovanpera +3m31.4s   10. Liatti +3m42.0s  

Fri October 19, 2001


WRC Makinen in huge crash @ 05:03 PM - Tommi Makinen clipped a wall in SS5 and the car tipped onto its roof. He retired. Risto Mannisenmaki has been airlifted to Ajaccio hospital for precautionary checks. Tommi Makinen is OK. The stage was cancelled completely and the overnight classification will be after stage 4.

WRC Positions after SS3 @ 01:04 PM - 1. Puras   2. Auriol +10.4   3. Panizzi +11.1   4. Gronholm +32.3   5. Solberg +41.5   6. Martin +53.5   7. Delecour +54.0   8. Makinen +1m03.4   9. Mortl +1m19.2   10. Wearden + 1m25.4

WRC Sainz out @ 09:57 AM - Carlos Sainz has retired from the Tour de Corse after hitting a rock, damaging the oil sump and losing oil.

WRC Burns off the road @ 09:34 AM - Richard Burns left the road during SS2 but regained it to finish the stage 1m31.3s behind the Peugeot of Gilles Panizzi. Colin McRae also lost more than a minute to the stage winner.

WRC Bugalski and Arai out @ 09:32 AM - Citroen's Philippe Bugalski and Subaru's Toshi Arai both went off the road on SS1 of the Tour de Corse and retired.

Sun October 14, 2001


WRC Corsica weather check @ 11:53 AM - Yes, you know that the weather is going to be important in Corsica - if it rains, the result might not be so predictable. Check out the latest Ajaccio weather on wrc-online's weather check page

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