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Tue April 15, 2003

WRC Points system splits Peugeot stars

Sun April 13, 2003

Skoda Skoda Continue 2003 Points Run

Subaru Good Points For Petter, Tommi & Subaru

Citroen Fourth Place on NZ debut

Hyundai Misfortune Stikes on Final Leg

WRC Final Results, New Zealand 2003

Peugeot Pug dominates NZ - not for the 1st time

Ford Duval seals fine debut for 2003 car

WRC Peugeot brace steals back title lead

WRC SS22 info

WRC SS21 info

WRC SS20 info

WRC SS19 info


WRC Manufacturer WRC points @ 03:14 AM - Provisional WRC points after Rally NZ: 1st, Peugeot, 49 points.... 2nd, Citroen, 44.... 3rd, Ford, 26.... 4th, Subaru, 22.... 5th, Skoda, 12.... 6th, Hyundai, 3....

WRC Driver WRC points @ 03:09 AM - Provisional WRC points after Rally NZ: 1st, R Burns, 26 points.... 2nd, M Grönholm, 20.... 3rd, S Loeb, 17.... 4th, C McRae, 17.... 5th, C Sainz, 16.... 6th, M Märtin, 13.... 7th, T Mäkinen, 11.... 8th, P Solberg, 9.... 9th, F Duval, 8.... 10th, T Gardemeister, 7....

WRC Grönholm wins Rally NZ! @ 02:36 AM - Marcus Grönholm leads home Peugeot's 1-2, it is Marcus' 3rd win in NZ and Peugeot's 5th win on this rally in only 6 attempts! See full results here:

WRC Fight for 7th is hot! @ 02:24 AM - Didier Auriol received a jump start penalty after SS20, such reducing his advantage over Tommi Mäkinen from 16.9s to 6.9s before the last stage. In this last stage Didi is reported to lose time, likely after a spin!

Sat April 12, 2003

WRC SS18 info

WRC SS17 info

Peugeot Peugeot after chaotic leg2

WRC Marcus leads, Ararua blow for Markko

WRC Peugeot quotes after SS10

WRC SS16 look out

WRC SS15 look out

WRC SS14 info

WRC SS13 info

WRC SS12 info

WRC SS11 info


WRC Loix retired @ 10:35 PM - Freddy Loix, the last Hyundai driver in the event has crashed out of the rally in SS18!

WRC Law catches up with Tommi @ 11:57 AM - Subaru's four time world champion Tommi Makinen has been given a five minute time penalty by the rally stewards for speeding offences, which included (apparently) failing to stop for traffic police. The Finn drops out of the points.

WRC Frightening Markko ... @ 10:43 AM - Markko Martin enthuses over the Focus 2003 ... "I'm obviously disappointed but I think we've given some people a fright," he said. "The car is unbelievably fun to drive" ... "We were so fast into corners that I surprised myself and sometimes the speed was such that it was hard to get all the pace notes in. It's like being in a Playstation game!"

WRC Marcus leads after drama of leg two ... @ 09:19 AM - 1 GRÖNHOLM 2:42:43.7 ... 2 BURNS +1:00.9 ... 3 SOLBERG +1:50.7 ... 4 LOEB +2:23.7 ... 5 LOIX +5:51.6 ... 6 A MCRAE +6:28.8 ... 8 GARDEMEISTER +6:33.5 ... 8 AURIOL +7:45.7 ... 9 MAKINEN +8:22.8 ... 10 DUVAL +8:39.2

WRC Drama packed SS14! @ 03:50 AM - Markko Märtin and Harri Rovanperä both out of the rally! Märtin stopped with engine problems and Rovanperä crashed (Kristian Sohlberg has also exited the event, leaving the road and apparently causing a brush fire in the process which caused the stage to be stopped!).

WRC Grönholm rolled! @ 03:15 AM - Rally leader Marcus Grönholm has rolled in SS13. The time is only about 1/2 a minute, but after the stage he is working on the car frantically to be able to continue. His lead has halfed.

Fri April 11, 2003

WRC SS10 info

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