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Sun September 30, 2007

Class win on Honda R3 debut IRC Class win on Honda R3 debut The JAS Motorsport Honda Civic Type R R3 made its world debut in Sanremo, after a launch to the press on the day that the rally started. The event ended with another trophy for the JAS Motorsport Honda team, thanks to a class win for Luca Betti (which equated to 21st in the IRC c...

Sat September 29, 2007

San Remo Twister IRC San Remo Twister Luca Rosetti has won the 49th Rallye San Remo 2007. In a measured drive he beat Giandomanico Basso by just 8.7s. Although Basso was the best prospect for Fiat Abarth to score a desperately needed win on home ground for IRC makes points, Basso had to household himself. In Abarth’s...

IRC IRC points after San Remo - updated


IRC Sanremo photos online @ 09:30 PM - Photos from the Rally Sanremo can now be found by clicking here

IRC I end - Rosetti wins San Remo @ 02:55 PM - Rosetti makes it 2 wins out of 2 IRC starts! Last stage was gripping as promised. Amazing 2nd fastest stage time by Ojeda, which is enough for Longhi but not quite enough for Andreucci. Panizzi passes Scandola on last stage! Basso Italian Champion. Final positions (subject to scrutineering): 1 - Rosetti/Chiarcossi, Peugeot, 2h31m32s; 2 - Basso/Dotta, Fiat Abarth, +8s7; 3 - Vouilloz/Klinger, Peugeot, +29s8; 4 - Panizzi/Panseri, Peugeot, +1m26s4; 5 - Scandola/d'Amore, Fiat Abarth, +1m31s1; 6 - Andreucci/Andreussi, Mitsubishi, +1m52s2; 7 - Ojeda/Barrabes, Peugeot, +1m58s1; 8 - Longhi/Imerito, Subaru, +2m12s3; 9 - Aghini/Cerrai, Subaru, +2m20s9; 10 - Navarra/d'Esposito, Fiat Abarth, +2m40s1;

IRC I SS9 - GroupN keeps dropping @ 02:12 PM - Stages carry on being unsuitable for groupN cars. Andreucci drops 2 places to 6th as Vouilloz posts convincing stage win. Ojeda passes Aghini, Navarra passes Loix for last points position. Biggest fight for last stage is between Scandola and Panizzi. Also Ojeda can still take on 2 groupN cars ahead of him. Positions after SS9: 1 - Rosetti/Chiarcossi, Peugeot, 2h13m31s6; 2 - Basso/Dotta, Fiat Abarth, +11s4; 3 - Vouilloz/Klinger, Peugeot, +37s3; 4 - Scandola/d'Amore, Fiat Abarth, +1m18s9; 5 - Panizzi/Panseri, Peugeot, +1m24s5; 6 - Andreucci/Andreussi, Mitsubishi, +1m39s7; 7 - Longhi/Imerito, Subaru, +1m51s3; 8 - Ojeda/Barrabes, Peugeot, +2m01s4; 9 - Aghini/Cerrai, Subaru, +2m05s8; 10 - Navarra/d'Esposito, Fiat Abarth, +2m34s6;

IRC I SS8 - GroupN cars keep tumbling @ 11:05 AM - Now Vouilloz has passed Andreucci for 3rd, Scandola & Panizzi have passed Longhi, and look at the gaps, the groupN cars are losing 20s per stage and bound to drop further! Positions after SS8: 1 - Rosetti/Chiarcossi, Peugeot, 1h54m21s2; 2 - Basso/Dotta, Fiat Abarth, +16s; 3 - Vouilloz/Klinger, Peugeot, +50s7; 4 - Andreucci/Andreussi, Mitsubishi, +1m17s2; 5 - Scandola/d'Amore, Fiat Abarth, +1m18s4; 6 - Panizzi/Panseri, Peugeot, +1m27s9; 7 - Longhi/Imerito, Subaru, +1m34s1; 8 - Aghini/Cerrai, Subaru, +1m50s3; 9 - Ojeda/Barrabes, Peugeot, +2m01s4; 10 - Loix/Chevaillier, Fiat Abarth, +2m30s2;

IRC I SS7 - Bad stages for groupN cars @ 10:25 AM - SS7 has been dry and needed precise, racing style car set ups. This is bad news for groupN cars. As the remaining stages are similar and we had groupN cars in 3rd, 4th & 6th places, there are bound to be position changes. Vouilloz has already passed Longhi. Panizzi & Scandola have already passed Aghini. Positions after SS7: 1 - Rosetti/Chiarcossi, Peugeot, 1h36m15s; 2 - Basso/Dotta, Fiat Abarth, +17s6; 3 - Andreucci/Andreussi, Mitsubishi, +46s1; 4 - Vouilloz/