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February 2002 News Archive


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Thu February 28, 2002

WRC Tour de Corse stage itinery 2002

Mitsubishi Improved Lancer Begins Tests In March

Tue February 26, 2002

Skoda Toni reports big progress on tarmac

Skoda Octavia clocks up the testing kilometres

Sun February 24, 2002

WRC Door numbers go for the money men

Jolly Club Dati to start Tutta Terra Toscana Rally

WRC 1988 event results - part three

WRC 1988 event results - part two

WRC 1988 event results - part one

WRC 1987 event results - winners

WRC 1987 event results - commentary

WRC 1987 event results - part three

WRC 1987 event results - part two

WRC 1987 event results - part one

Sat February 23, 2002

Subaru New Impreza For Corsica

Subaru Other Teams, "Don't Stand A Chance!"


WRC Corsica Tipping Comp. @ 03:41 PM - The Tour de Corse Tipping Competition is now open. Click here to find out more about this free competition and to lodge your tips.

Fri February 22, 2002

Peugeot New concept car from Peugeot

Thu February 21, 2002

WRC 1988 event results - winners

WRC 1988 event results - commentary

Ford Make your mind up Col

WRC 1986 event results - part two

Tue February 19, 2002

Skoda Octavia WRC for the German Championship

WRC Subaru Take Round 2

Skoda Exclusive Interview - Skoda Team Boss

Mon February 18, 2002

Ford No dieting for roly-poly Grist

Sun February 17, 2002


Skoda Sterckx retires @ 12:46 AM - David Sterckx did eventually find the means to start the Boucles de Spa in Belgium in Pro-Racing's Octavia WRC but retired after SS6. He had been lying 4th.

Fri February 15, 2002

Hyundai Schwarz tests new Accent

WRC 1986 event results - part three

WRC 1986 event results - part one

WRC 1985 event results - part three

WRC 1985 event results part two

WRC 1985 WRc Results - results part one

Thu February 14, 2002

Ford Ford unveil new gravel beast

Skoda New pedal box helps the Octavia drivers

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