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Thu June 26, 2008

KCB Safari Rally 2008 preview IRC KCB Safari Rally 2008 preview Originally the Safari Rally 2008 was scheduled at its once traditional Easter date and as round1 of the IRC 2008. In a spectacular but not nice turn of developments a corrupt December 2007 presidential election in Kenya was followed by a civil war between Kenya's tribes, and t...

Sun February 24, 2008

Safari Rally in further turmoil IRC Safari Rally in further turmoil The Safari Rally has now been postponed as the political situation shows no sign of easing. The Safari has been dropped from the IRC calendar following a civil war that erupted after a presidental election in which the former and provisionally current president faked votes. The S...

Sun January 20, 2008

Local view on IRC dropping Safari IRC Local view on IRC dropping Safari We have some statements from the Kenyan Safari Rally organisers why the event had to be dropped from the IRC calendar. It is very interesting to hear the story from their point of view....

Sun January 6, 2008

Surprise twist to IRC season opening IRC Surprise twist to IRC season opening We are receiving surprising news from our friends in Kenya. There were already worries that the season opener of the IRC 2008, the Safari Rally back on its traditional Easter date for 2008, may be desperately dull in entries. Now it seems there is a twist of news that should make...

Sat January 5, 2008

Safari Rally goes ahead IRC Safari Rally goes ahead The story is completely unrelated, it just seems ironic that IRC confirms Safari Rally 2008 details moments after drivers and teams involved with the Dakar raid arrogantly claimed there will never be a rally in Africa ever again! OK, sad what happened in Mauretania and equally as...

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