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Sun September 23, 2001


Subaru Burns Takes It @ 02:14 AM - What an awesome result for the championship!

Ford Colin Spins! @ 01:53 AM - Colin McRae spun and stalled the engine loosing 35.1s to Burns on the most pivital remaining stage surely handing Richard victory! Burns' lead is now 49.8 seconds.

WRC Overall Stays Steady @ 01:11 AM - The gap now is 14.7 back to Colin from Burns with 21.2 km to go. The clean stage is 10.60km stage, this is going to be tight stuff. The positions are Burns, McRae, Sainz, Rovanpera, Gronholm, Auriol - but Marcus is threatening both Sainz and Rovanpera.

Subaru First Repeated One @ 00:57 AM - Richard Burns was able to only loose .6 of a second on the first repeated stage. Remaining is one new and two repeated stages so this is going to be CLOSE!!

Subaru Burs Confident @ 00:51 AM - Richard Burns says he's "lost the time he expected" and is still in line for the win. Three of the remaining stages will already be swept and this is where Burns will need to equal or pull away - he's currently 16.1s infront of McRae.

Sat September 22, 2001


Subaru Burns Settle For 42.6s @ 06:38 AM - On the final stages Burns continued to clear a margin between himself and the following drivers. Going into the final leg he now has a 42.6 second margin to Colin McRae. Will it be enough?

Subaru Taking More On SS14 @ 05:23 AM - He now has a 32 second lead while it's said a 40 to 45 second lead will allow him to defend his position on the last day.

Subaru Burns Takes SS11,12,13 @ 04:02 AM - He now leads McRae by 25.3 while Rovenpera has been climbing the leaderboard as well, now third by 49.8 seconds.

WRC Burns Extends Lead @ 02:43 AM - SS10 saw Burns extend his lead over the feild and theres now a possibility that a large lead at the end of the leg could be enough to secure a win even travelling first on the road! 1/Burns, 2/McRae +10.4, 3/Sainz +30.6, 4/Gronholm +41.0, 5/Rovanpera +44.9, 6/Auriol +1.06.4, 7/Solberg +1.35.8

Subaru Gravel Plays A Role @ 02:37 AM - Richard Burns has scorched into the lead from 7th place after only one stage on the second leg as the leading cars suffered badly from loose gravel. Delecour rolled his Ford Focus on that stage and he is understood to be continuing for the time being.

Fri September 21, 2001


WRC End of First Day @ 08:47 AM - Only Alister McRae dropped from his position on the two final Super-Special stages. Undoubtebly the debate before the second day will be who has the best position to avoid the worst of the loose gravel.

WRC Leg 2 Road Positions @ 04:59 AM - They are based on the order after SS6. Which puts Eriksson, Gronholm and Sainz in the three worst positions.

WRC Things Mix Up! @ 03:31 AM - The last SS before two Super-special stages has seen the leaderboard mix-up significantly, After SS6: 1/Eriksson, 2/Gronholm +18.5, 3/Sainz +25.6, 4/C.McRae +34.1, 4/Solberg +44.0, 6/Loix +46.1, 7/A.McRae +47.5, 8/Delecour +47.9, 9/Burns +48.5, 10/Bourne + 50.2

Mitsubishi Gardemeister Almost Out @ 01:57 AM - Toni brought his Mitsubishi into service after hitting a rock on SS4 and suffering gearbox damage with only 2 seconds to spare before being excluded!

WRC After SS4 @ 01:33 AM - 1/Gronholm, 2/Solberg +5.8, 3/A.McRae +15.3, 4/Auriol +17.0, 5/Eriksson +19.2, 6/Delecour + 21.7, 7/C.McRae +25.6, 8/Sainz +26.5, 9/Rovanpera +37.8, 10/Burns +44.4

Sun September 16, 2001


Ford Ford & Peugeot Reach NZ @ 09:54 AM - After worries that Ford and possibly one of Peugeot's WRCars wouldn't reach NZ in time the cars were given the all-clear to fly after 27 hours in a decompression chamber, which simulates an altitude of 40,000 feet and would activate any explosives concealed in the car. Good news for the championship.

Thu September 13, 2001


WRC Attack Affects NZ WRC @ 11:14 AM - It's possible that cars from the Ford and Peugeot team will not be able to reach the start of the Rally of New Zealand next Thursday due to the drastic security restrictions on flights around the world after the terrorist attacks in the US.

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