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Wed June 30, 2004

Dramatic London-Sydney: McRae out! General Dramatic London-Sydney: McRae out! It seems to be a London-Sydney tradition that the biggest dramas of the rally wait until the Sydney finish feels in reach. In the original event in 1968 the far away leader Lucien Bianchi, Citroen DS crashed heavily with 100km to go! The winner was Andrew Cowan, Hillman Hunter, w...

3rd Peugeot 307 WRC for Finland Peugeot 3rd Peugeot 307 WRC for Finland Peugeot Sport press has confirmed today that they will run a 3rd Peugeot 307 WRC for the first time on the forthcoming Rally Finland. However the choice of driver is a little surprise. Daniel Carlsson was widely tipped to become the first driver to profit from a 3rd 307 entry. Th...

Tue June 29, 2004


WRC London-Sydney update @ 11:30 AM - Day25 had to be turned into a road section. Today's stages should have been on the outskirts of the Simpson Desert. By a huge, unforeseeable fluke heavy rain flooded the desert stages and turned them impassable! Meanwhile Jimmy McRae is wishing for even more water. His Toyota Corolla has blown its head gasket. The team does emergency repairs and should be able to start day26 on schedule. But as these are improvised repairs, his challenge for victory might be over. More tomorrow, after the rally has re-started.

Mon June 28, 2004

London-Sydney: Down Under - Underground General London-Sydney: Down Under - Underground Back again to the London-Sydney Marathon. And what a picturesque start into the Australian leg: Day21 rest day in Alice Springs. Day22 a 420km road section to famous Ayers Rock. On the Sunday, day23, procedures became more serious. Far more serious: 831km total, 3 stages on the w...

Sun June 27, 2004

Wonderful Loeb extends title lead WRC Wonderful Loeb extends title lead Frenchman Sebastien Loeb (pictured) continued his march toward a maiden world title with an impressive victory by 26 seconds on the Rally of Turkey, notching his second win on gravel and already his fourth event win of 2004. After being so close to a first world title last year,...


WRC Makes title battle @ 06:26 AM - provisional, unofficial standings after Turkey: 1st Citroen 80points // 2nd Ford 65 // 3rd Subaru 59 // 4th Peugeot 47 // 5th Mitsubishi 11

WRC Drivers title battle @ 06:25 AM - provisional, unofficial standings after Turkey: 1st Loeb 53points // 2nd Solberg 44 // 3rd Märtin 34 // 4th Grönholm 32 // 5th Sainz 24 // 6th Duval 23 // 7th Hirvonen 13 // 8th Tuohino 12 // 9th Rovanperä 10 // 10th Carlsson 6

WRC TR 04 end - results @ 06:24 AM - Uups, Marcus Grönholm lost a wheel on the penaltimate rough stage. He completed the last stage on 3 wheels and now has to make it to the final time control to keep his 2nd. Antony Warmbold proves that in this type of events you can get WRC points for being well over 20 minutes off the pace. Mind you, Ford gets a WRC point for being an hour off the pace! Unofficial, provisional final positions: 1. Loeb 4:48:26.8 2. Grönholm +26.2 3. Solberg +36.7 4. Sainz +2:49.3 5. Duval +4:26.8 6. Hirvonen +6:01.1 7. Tuohino +11:44.9 8. Warmbold +21:15.3 9. Yazici +21:40.8 10. Galli +32:08.9

WRC Loeb's margin narrows @ 03:38 AM - Rally of Turkey positions after the first run through Aspendos (SS15) ... 1. LOEB 4:19:15.9 ... 2. GRÖNHOLM +20.4 ... 3. SOLBERG +54.9 ... 4. SAINZ +2:55.8 ... 5. DUVAL +4:35.2 ... 6. HIRVONEN +5:49.9 ... 7. TUOHINO +10:18.5 ... 8. H SOLBERG +13:57.9 ... 9. WARMBOLD +17:27.2 ... 10. YAZICI +19:30.8

Sat June 26, 2004

Tiny margin for Loeb into leg 3 WRC Tiny margin for Loeb into leg 3 Citroen's Sebastien Loeb recovered from a 10 seconds penalty for a jump start to retain a slender lead at the end of the second day of the Rally of Turkey. With temperatures reaching 35 degrees and more the crews suffered once more through the day's six stages which covere...


WRC Rally of Turkey Leg Two @ 02:43 PM - Positions after SS13 (Kemer 2) ... 1. LOEB 3:50:09.3 ... 2. GRÖNHOLM +15.9 ... 3. SOLBERG +50.4 ... 4. SAINZ +2:15.9 ... 5. DUVAL +4:14.8 ... 6. HIRVONEN +5:01.4 ... 7. TUOHINO +8:42.2 ... 8. H SOLBERG +11:23.6 ... 9. WARMBOLD +15:31.6 ... 10. YAZICI +16:25.9

WRC Loeb slips into second (after SS9) @ 06:29 AM - Rally of Turkey positions after Kumluca 1 (SS9) ... 1. GRÖNHOLM 2:40:56.0 ... 2. LOEB +6.9 ... 3. SOLBERG +57.2 ... 4. DUVAL +1:06.3 ... 5. SAINZ +1:19.1 ... 6. ROVANPERÄ +1:45.1 ... 7. HIRVONEN +3:23.6 ... 8. TUOHINO +5:31.2 ... 9. H SOLBERG +7:51.5 ... 10. YAZICI +10:10.1

Thu June 24, 2004

Skoda Kresta to rejoin Skoda for Germany

Paasonen and Kresta to drive 3rd Fabias Skoda Paasonen and Kresta to drive 3rd Fabias Jani Paasonen will drive a third official Škoda Fabia WRC on Rally Finland (August 6-8) alongside Škoda Motorsport World Rally Team regular drivers Toni Gardemeister and Armin Schwarz. Jani is currently contesting the 2004 FIA Production Car World Rally Championship but, as Finla...

Wed June 23, 2004

Rough Stop-over in Turkey Citroen Rough Stop-over in Turkey Citroën's Sébastien Loeb/Daniel Elena and Carlos Sainz/Marc Marti travel to Antalya for the Rally of Turkey, seventh showdown of the 2004 FIA World Rally Championship. Last year's event passed off perfectly for Carlos Sainz who succeeded in giving the Xsara WRC its first...

Gunning for win number 42 Subaru Gunning for win number 42 The Subaru World Rally Team will start the Rally of Turkey this week, well positioned after claiming Subaru's 41st WRC victory on the Acropolis Rally earlier this month. Beginning on Thursday 24 June, the seventh round of the FIA World Rally Championship will be the last of a ...

Completely new territory Mitsubishi Completely new territory The Mitsubishi Motors Motor Sports WRC team heads into completely new territory when it contests the Rally of Turkey (June 24-27). Only introduced to the series last year, during the time when Mitsubishi was restructuring its motor sport operation, this eastern Mediterranean grav...


Skoda Paasonen for 3rd Fabia @ 11:56 AM - Former Mitsubishi driver Jani Paasonen will drive a third Skoda Fabia WRC on the Rally of Finland in August. The team will also enter three cars for Rallye Deutschland, with Roman Kresta set to return to the squad.

Tue June 22, 2004

LSM - Indian leg round up General LSM - Indian leg round up If it wouldn’t have been confusing, I might as well have used the concluding leg1 headline yet again for this leg2 round up: „The yoyo battle of the Macs”. At the start of the Indian leg Jimmy McRae led Joe McAndrew by 48s. The two tarmac tea plantation days, we reported about in...


WRC Turkey Tips @ 09:48 PM - If you haven't got your Rally of Turkey top-8 tips in, you haven't got long. Click here.

Mon June 21, 2004

It's tea time at London-Sydney Rally General It's tea time at London-Sydney Rally After some rest days that included the flight transfer for crews and cars as well as customs proceedings, the rally heads into leg2 in India. India is a short leg that sees a round trip starting and ending in Cochin. Leg3 will become the longest and most demanding leg of the rall...

Saarland a perfect test for Skoda WRC Saarland a perfect test for Skoda As we already reported, on last weekend’s Saarland Rallye in Germany we celebrated the first victory for a Skoda Fabia WRC. The crew responsible for this success was Armin Schwarz and Manfred Hiemer. Now we look a bit further into this event as it was not such a straight forward ...

Sat June 19, 2004

Schwarz takes first Fabia victory Skoda Schwarz takes first Fabia victory Škoda Motorsport Team driver Armin Schwarz scored the first outright rally victory for the Škoda Fabia WRC on this weekend’s Saarland Rally, the fifth round of the German Championship. He set fastest time on 15 of the 16 stages to take victory by 2m34.1s from Škoda-Auto Deutschla...


Skoda Schwarz wins Saarland @ 03:00 PM - Armin Schwarz has taken the Skoda Fabia WRCs first victory

WRC Armin crashes in rain @ 07:17 AM - Armin Schwarz crashed in SS10, extensive damage to left side of the Fabia, but he still leads the rally. Yesterday was dry and sunny, today everything is soaking wet. Sven Haaf back in the lead of S1600, but don't expect him to stay in 5th as the N4 cars show their superiority over S1600 in the rain. Unofficial, provisional results after SS11: 1. Armin Schwarz, Fabia WRC 1:15:08.8 2. Matthias Kahle, Octavia WRC +1:41.9 3. Maik Stölzel, Octavia WRC +4:11.2 4. Sandro Wallenwein, Lancer +4:52.4 5. Sven Haaf, Saxo S1600 +5:50.1 6. Hermann Gassner, Lancer gN +5:53.8 7. Pieter Tsjoen, Clio S1600 +5:53.9 8. Frank Färber, Lancer gN +6:04.6 9. Nicky Schelle, Ignis S1600 +6:51.3 10. Carsten Mohe, Clio S1600 +7:41.9

Fri June 18, 2004

Interview: Assistant Rally Engineer Subaru Interview: Assistant Rally Engineer Assistant Rally Engineer - Samuel Burnon. Fifteen countries in eleven months, first name terms with the world's top rally drivers, a jet-set schedule and a fleet of $500,000 World Rally Cars. Sound like the ultimate dream job? For Assistant Subaru World Rally Team Engineer, Sa...

Kopecky replaces Toni for Bohemia Skoda Kopecky replaces Toni for Bohemia Škoda Motorsport will be represented by Jan Kopecky at next month’s Bohemia Rally (July 9-11). He will become the first Czech driver to receive full factory support to drive a Fabia WRC and will replace Toni Gardemeister for the event that is based at Mladá Boleslav, the home of ...


WRC Saarland Rallye turns Skoda party @ 06:49 PM - Armin Schwarz is competing in the Saarland Rallye this weekend to test for Rallye Deutschland. After leg1 he has a clear lead. Unofficial, provisional results after leg1: 1. Armin Schwarz, Fabia 49:30.5 2. Matthias Kahle, Octavia +1:50.9 3. Maik Stölzel, Octavia +3:20.5 4. Sandro Wallenwein, Lancer +4:01.8 5. Horst Rotter, Corsa +4:32.4 6. Pieter Tsjoen, Clio +4:34.7 7. Carsten Mohe, Clio +4:35.9 8. Sven Haaf, Saxo +4:36.9 9. Hermann Gassner, Lancer +4:48.4 10. Nicky Schelle, Ignis +5:22.4

Thu June 17, 2004

Harri Rovanperä: As fired up as ever! Peugeot Harri Rovanperä: As fired up as ever! With the wind back in his sails following his superb 3rd place in Greece, Harri appears to have overcome his recent jinx. And now that he has rediscovered the joys of fighting at the sharp end, he has no intention of stopping there… What were your first thoughts when you fo...

Wed June 16, 2004

Peugeot C Provera: Harri Rovanperä is stronger

LSM - The yoyo battle of the Macs General LSM - The yoyo battle of the Macs These were two days of action in Turkey. Straight after the start of day10 the teams crossed the Greek-Turkish border, then turned South with a gravel and an asphalt stage on the way. Following the Eceabat stage a ferry crossing was on the agenda, crossing the Bosporus that is 12...

Tue June 15, 2004

WRC Turkey starting order

Freddy Loix back in service! Peugeot Freddy Loix back in service! Peugeot Sport today has confirmed Freddy Loix again as one of their official 2004 drivers. The case was littered with curiosity when the FIA made a surprise U-turn on a previously confirmed 3rd drivers rule for 2004, just days after Peugeot confirmed their driver line up! Not sur...


WRC Turkey Tips @ 04:45 AM - You may now enter your Rally Turkey Tips.

Mon June 14, 2004

London-Sydney, Olympic action General London-Sydney, Olympic action The night between days 7 and 8 of the London-Sydney Rally 2004 the competitors spent on a ferry. After breakfast the competitors drove off the ferry and straight into the next, different challenge. The Greek can’t complain, the Rally Acropolis just finished, the Olympics are knoc...

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