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July 2001 News Archive


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Tue July 31, 2001

Skoda Skoda Octavia RS - WRC edition

Mitsubishi Mitsubishi WRCar Ready To Rumble

Mon July 30, 2001

Subaru Irish Get World Rally Dosage

Sun July 29, 2001

Ford Ford to stick with current formula

Sat July 28, 2001

WRC Kankkunen Impressed with Accent

Fri July 27, 2001

Skoda Biar to replace Prevot in Finland


Skoda Biar to replace Prevot @ 01:15 PM - Georges Biar, the co-driver in Bruno Thiry's gravel crew will replace the injured Stephane Prevot on August's Rally of Finland. Both Thiry and Prevot agreed that Biar would be the best man for the job.

Thu July 26, 2001

Subaru Burns Takes On Ireland's Best

Wed July 25, 2001

Skoda Stephane Prevot will miss Rally Finland

Tue July 24, 2001

WRC Makinen motivated for Finland

Skoda Interview with Armin Schwarz


WRC Makinen hot for Finland @ 07:21 PM - Tommi Makinen is on a hot streak at the moment, and who would bet against him winning the next rally on his home turf in Finland? Well, ahem, I would for starters.

Mon July 23, 2001

Peugeot Rovanpera on the podium

WRC Makinen wins, glory for Skoda

Sun July 22, 2001

Ford Delecour shows the way with Fourth

Mitsubishi Makinen - 2001 Champ On Consistency?

Skoda Armin takes first Skoda podium!

Subaru Solberg Swamped By Safari Scenery

Peugeot Super 106 Cup Round 3 Results

Peugeot Peugeot-End Of Safari 2001 Leg Two

Ford Another engine failure for Sainz


WRC Harri keeps 2nd @ 09:12 PM - The stewards rejected Ford's protest and Harri Rovanpera will keep his 6 points for second position in which he finished on this weekend's Safari Rally. The Ford team protested Rovanpera, who approached a time control from the wrong direction on leg one. Francois Delecour therefore remains in 4th position and the final standings are unchanged.

WRC Harri to be excluded? @ 02:08 PM - The Safari Rally could yet have one final twist. The event stewards will discuss tonight an allegation that the second-placed Peugeot driver Harri Rovanpera reached a control on the first day from the wrong direction. If the stewards agree that the Finn infringed the rules then he faces exclusion from the event.

WRC Makinen wins, glory for Skoda @ 12:16 AM - I'm not sure which is the greater achievement - Tommi Makinen won a superb Safari Rally with total dominance from the front, but perhaps more significantly Armin Schwarz secured Skoda's first podium in the world rally championship. Quite simply, a marvellous event.

WRC Solberg Retires @ 08:44 AM - Subaru's Petter Solberg has retired on a delayed section 10 after damaging a right-front wheel bearing and loosing the wheel. Stage 11 has been cancelled to bring the rally back on schedule. Makinen continues to lead from Rovenpera, but Skoda's Armin Schwarz is now third!

WRC Stages Delayed @ 05:37 AM - Low cloud near the first stage has prevented safety helicopters from taking off. Petter Solberg is on the line ready to go. But organisers have delayed the stage due to the weather. Makinen and Rovanpera both started - Rovanpera without a safety helicopter! On the road section to the days first service Makinen's Mitsubishi blew a turbo. A new one was fitted in service. Organisers may cancel SS11 to try and put the rally back on schedule.

Sat July 21, 2001

Skoda Skoda - Leg 2 round up

WRC Makinen leads going into final day

Skoda Two Skodas survive day one

Subaru Petter Is Holding On For Subie

Peugeot End Of Safari 2001 Leg One-Gronholm Out

Subaru Petter, Subaru's Only Hope


Subaru Petter Sets Another Fastest @ 02:31 PM - Another fastest time from Petter on SS8 gives him his third win from four stages: "I pushed a bit on that one, just to keep it interesting! I went wide on one corner when I came out of the ruts in the road, but the car is running fine and it was a good stage." Still third by 3:18 but a good sign.

Ford Ford Losing Safari Battle @ 08:08 AM - On the longest day in the WRC calendar of five stages totalling 426 competitive kms Ford have lost both Carlos and Delecour has hit trouble. Engine problems on the first stage of leg two put Carlos out and Delcour broke a driveshaft in SS5. He limped through the stage, but lost six minutes. Makinen now leads from Rovenpera by almost 6 mins after SS6, which on third placed Solberg lost 2 minutes 35.

Fri July 20, 2001

Ford Ford honours go to Sainz on Day One

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