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Thu January 29, 2004


WRC Monte Carlo Photos @ 09:04 AM - We've added 52 more Monte Carlo Rally photos, click here to take a look. If you haven't noticed already, we've also increased the size of photos in readiness to the relaunched 2004 site. Enjoy.

Wed January 28, 2004

WRC Is Seb already out of sight?

Sun January 25, 2004

Petter Brings it home Subaru Petter Brings it home Current World Champion Petter Solberg continued to demonstrate the performance of the Subaru Impreza on a range of difficult asphalt conditions today, and scored a stage win on SS13. Unfortunately, a small error on the penultimate test cost the Norwegian two places on the leaderb...

Loeb Wins in Monte Carlo Again Citroen Loeb Wins in Monte Carlo Again Citroen has thrown down the gauntlet to the other teams in the 2004 World Rally Championship with an emphatic win by Sebastien Loeb in the opening round of the season, the Monte Carlo Rally, by steering his Citroen Xsara WRC to the winner's podium with more than a minute to sp...

First outing a 'Success' Mitsubishi First outing a 'Success' The Mitsubishi Motors Motor Sports team scored points in its debut outing back in the FIA World Rally Championship. Gilles and Hervé Panizzi piloted the all-new Lancer WRC04 back to Monaco in sixth position in Rallye Monte-Carlo, claiming points for themselves and the team in the...

WRC Kresta shines but is forced to retire

Markko and Francois snatch podium Ford Markko and Francois snatch podium Ford leads the manufacturer's championship after claiming a double podium finish on the prestigious Monte Carlo Rally. Markko Märtin was second on the opening round in his Focus RS WRC with team-mate François Duval (pictured) third in a similar car after three days of tough c...

307 going to be ugly for the opposition Peugeot 307 going to be ugly for the opposition The Peugeot 307 WRC had on its debut a better Monte Carlo result than the successful Peugeot 206 WRC ever had! Indeed the Rallye Monte Carlo is the only WRC event where the 206 never ever managed a podium. Indeed in the last 3 editions of this event, the top 206 has finished 5th....

WRC Unofficial Monte Carlo Results

Casino Monte Carlo WRC Casino Monte Carlo The Rallye Monte Carlo ended today in dramatic fashion. The season opener has typically been marred with unpredictable conditions, making tyre choice a lottery and throwing patches of invisible black ice at the drivers - the 2nd leg especially has been displaying these conditions...


WRC Makes title battle @ 07:05 AM - provisional, unofficial standings after Monte Carlo: 1st Ford 14points // 2nd Citroen 10 // 3rd Peugeot 9 // 4th Mitsubishi 3 // 5th Subaru 2 // there was nobody left for the last point

WRC Drivers title battle @ 07:02 AM - provisional, unofficial standings after Monte Carlo: 1st Loeb 10points // 2nd Märtin 8 // 3rd Duval 6 // 4th Grönholm 5 // 5th Loix 4 // 6th Panizzi 3 // 7th Solberg 2 // 8th Burri 1

WRC MC SS15 - Loeb wins @ 07:01 AM - Unofficial, provisional positions after SS15: 1. Loeb 4:12:03.0, 2. Märtin +1:12.6 3. Duval +1:19.6 4. Grönholm +1:26.8 5. Loix +8:16.9 6. Panizzi +10:11.6 7. Solberg +10:42.2 8. Burri +17:49.1 9. Beres +19:43.1 10. JWRC guy +3month:5days...

WRC Solberg likely to drop @ 07:00 AM - etter Solberg appears unable to fix the driveshaft problem on his car before the last stage. Therefore he is likely to at least drop a place in that stage.

WRC MC SS14 - Solberg troubles @ 06:45 AM - Solberg had to complete the stage with a broken driveshaft, likely after hitting something. Loix also had a spin, but he is now only 10s behind Solberg. Märtin takes Duval for 2nd by 2 seconds. Warmbold crashed out and retired. Unofficial, provisional positions after SS14: 1. Loeb 3:58:05.1, 2. Märtin +1:14.9 3. Duval +1:16.9 4. Grönholm +1:38.6 5. Solberg +7:29.3 6. Loix +7:39.7 7. Panizzi +10:05.9 8. Burri +16:51.5 9. Beres +18:49.1 10. JWRC guy +3month:5days...

WRC Solberg off and going! @ 06:37 AM - FLASH: Solberg has gone off in SS14, he is continuing slowly but dropped a lot of time. Loix went off as well, not as severely, but this may mean positions may not change.

WRC MC SS13 - two to go now @ 03:55 AM - In mixed Solberg takes his first stage win as a World Champion, Loix's tyre choice is a nightmare (a studded intermediate). Unofficial, provisional positions after SS13: 1. Loeb 3:33:56.2, 2. Duval +1:13.2 3. Märtin +1:19.9 4. Grönholm +1:40.9 5. Solberg +3:36.1 6. Loix +6:36.0 7. Panizzi +9:14.1 8. Warmbold +11:48.5 9. Burri +15:30.0 10. Berres +16:49.9

WRC MC SS12 - Now Loeb's taking it easy @ 03:23 AM - He is, but there is a good fight going on between the Ford drivers for 2nd. The weather this morning is good. Loix is the only driver to choose an intermediate tyre, he was by far the fastest driver over the Col de Turini itself, but in the summary of this stage it was simply the wrong choice. Unofficial, provisional positions after SS12: 1. Loeb 3:19:46.4, 2. Duval +1:23.3 3. Märtin +1:26.9 4. Grönholm +1:50.0 5. Solberg +3:46.5 6. Loix +5:01.8 7. Panizzi +8:45.8 8. Warmbold +11:13.3 9. Burri +14:45.1 10. Berres +16:17.6

Sat January 24, 2004

WRC Unofficial Leg 2 Results

The Sebastien Show Rolls On, Leg 2 Citroen The Sebastien Show Rolls On, Leg 2 At the end of the second leg, during which they won all special stages, Sébastien Loeb, Daniel Elena and the Xsara WRC maintained their grip on the 72nd edition of the Monaco –based - event. The first special stage of the day, a version of the "Lantosque-Lucéram" stage, extended ...

Solberg Fifth, Dissapointment for Mikko Subaru Solberg Fifth, Dissapointment for Mikko Current World Champion Petter Solberg delivered a consistent performance in his Subaru Impreza WRC2003 to climb the leaderboard and finish the day in fifth place. His team-mate, Mikko Hirvonen, continued to impress on his Subaru team debut and gained further valuable experience a...

Mitsubishi Crews Warming Up Mitsubishi Mitsubishi Crews Warming Up The Mitsubishi Motor Sports crew of Gilles and Hervé Panizzi has powered the new Lancer WRC04 up the leaderboard during the second leg of Rallye Monte-Carlo. The French pair now holds seventh overall with just four stages remaining in the opening round of the FIA World Rally Cham...

Duval leads Martin into day three Ford Duval leads Martin into day three It was a dominant day for Sebastien Loeb in the Citroen, as he opened up a lead of 1 minute and 28 seconds with just four stages over Turini to come tomorrow. The two Focus RS WRCs complete the podium places after a shortened, but no less dramatic, second leg in the French Alps ...


WRC MC leg2 - Loeb not slowing down @ 11:07 AM - A storming time by him despite his already big lead. We should see a good fight for 2nd place between Duval, Märtin and Grönholm tomorrow - if less than 4 stages are cancelled that is. Unofficial, provisional positions after leg2 (SS11): 1. Loeb 2:54:22.6, 2. Duval +1:28.7 3. Märtin +1:41.7 4. Grönholm +1:57.9 5. Solberg +3:31.8 6. Loix +4:34.1 7. Panizzi +7:49.0 8. Warmbold +10:04.5 9. Burri +12:37.7 10. Berres +14:18.2

WRC MC SS10 - cancelled @ 10:08 AM - The stage has been cancelled For safety reasons. Monte Carlo has a history of this, but as all spectators are spread over only two stage locations, this doesn't help the situation. This reduces the Rallye Monte Carlo 2004 now to only 12 stages, with more cancellations being possible. Dear spectators, please be always responsible and always listen to the marshals to help avoiding situations as this.

WRC MC SS9 - update @ 07:00 AM - Grönholm went off near the finish of the stage, losing 40s. So did Sainz, at exactly the same place as well. Sainz has now officially retired. But Hirvonen, who had already been declared a retirement, might try to carry on. Thanks to the new nomination rules and points system, Hirvonen could lose 2 hours and still get loads of points for Subaru! Kresta also has gone off and retired.

WRC MC SS9 - update @ 06:59 AM - Grönholm went off near the finish of the stage, losing 40s. So did Sainz. Sainz has still not cleared the stage but he attempts to repair the car. Thanks to the new nomination rules and points system, Sainz could lose 2 hours and still get a load of points! Hirvonen also seems to have gone off and retired. We are still waiting to hear from Kresta.

WRC MC SS9 - Hirvonen, Kresta out! @ 06:40 AM - Both stopped within the stage for unknown reasons. Good times for Loeb, Duval, Loix, bad time for Solberg. Something happened to Sainz and Grönholm on the last split. See SS9 update. Unofficial, provisional positions after SS9: 1. Loeb 2:33:46.5, 2. Duval +1:15.8 3. Märtin +1:31.9 4. Grönholm +1:46.6 5. Solberg +3:03.7 6. Loix +4:01.1 7. Panizzi +7:18.0 8. Warmbold +8:53.1 9. Burri +11:11.6 10. Berres +12:09.8

WRC MC SS8 - More tyre games @ 06:09 AM - Now Ford pulls the tyre gamble trick that effected Peugeot in SS6. Duval amazing, only 0.1s behind stage winner Loeb, but his team mate Märtin is on the useless tyre. Märtin was 2nd, drops to 4th Duval was 5th, 40s behind Märtin, and in this stage flies past him into 3rd! Meanwhile Loeb's lead nearly triples, Loix makes up two places. Unofficial, provisional positions after SS8: 1. Loeb 2:13:34.9, 2. Grönholm +47.1 3. Duval +1:00.7 4. Märtin +1:10.5 5. Sainz +1:25.9 6. Solberg +2:21.0 7. Loix +3:44.3 8. Hirvonen +3:45.2 9. Kresta +4:08.7 10. Panizzi +6:20.9

Ford Martin day one comments @ 03:48 AM - "This morning was very, very hard," he said. "The downhill sections, especially, were so slippery and every time I went round a corner I was waiting for the conditions to catch me out. It was difficult to find grip when the conditions were changing all the time and although I drove on the limit, I was always on the safe side of the limit.

WRC MC SS7 - Stopped @ 03:12 AM - The stage has been stopped following a crash by Nicolas Vouilloz.

WRC SS7 havoc @ 03:10 AM - Tyre & weather gambles had Grönholm storming, Märtin and all Citroen's slowing. It looks like Grönholm may storm from 3rd overnight into a lead of several minutes! However the times may have been also affected by an accident of Vouilloz, so we have to see if the stage times are going to be confirmed.

WRC MC SS7 - Monte gambles @ 03:06 AM - Call it exciting, call it strange, everything went havoc in tyre and weather gambles on the opening stage of leg2! Vouilloz crashed and may be blocking the stage. Loix had power steering problems. In the times, Grönholm caught and passed Sainz and also Märtin and Loeb are way, eway down on time! Unofficial, provisional positions after SS7: 1. Loeb 1:26:38.7, 2. Märtin +18.3 3. Grönholm +18.7 4. Sainz +46.5 5. Duval +1:00.6 6. Solberg +1:52.4 7. Kresta +2:54.0 8. Hirvonen +2:54.8 9. Loix +2:59.8 10. Vouilloz +4:05.7

Fri January 23, 2004

WRC Unofficial Leg 1 Results

Loeb's Xsara Leads after Leg 1 Citroen Loeb's Xsara Leads after Leg 1 Citroen's Sébastien Loeb has taken the lead in the 2004 Monte Carlo Rally, the first event in the 2004 World Rally Championship and the event in which he lead Citroen to a 1-2-3 victory last year, with an 18.3 second lead at the end of day one. Tyre choice was absolutely criti...

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