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Thu September 30, 2004

Skoda confirm return in 2005 Skoda Skoda confirm return in 2005 Škoda Motorsport is to contest the 2005 FIA World Rally Championship. The decision to commit to a full WRC programme was taken by the Škoda Auto Board of Management this week and confirmed by the Volkswagen Group as the team prepares for the Rally of Italy-Sardinia. In 2004 Škod...

Wed September 29, 2004

Another Mediterranean Campaign for Pug Peugeot Another Mediterranean Campaign for Pug The WRC continues to break with tradition and, coming immediately after a Rally GB organised in summer, the calendar turns to yet another brand new round in October, the Rallye d' Italia, in Sardinia. Harri Rovanperä, who came 6th in Wales, has previous experience of the Itali...

Loeb Almost with the Title Citroen Loeb Almost with the Title Sardinia replaces the San Remo Rally as Italy's round of the World Championship and, as one of the newcomers to this year's calendar, it provides a whole list of unknowns for the team. It is also provides Citroen with an additional challenge as it is still the new kid on th...

Tue September 28, 2004

Going for Hatrick on Italian Gravel Subaru Going for Hatrick on Italian Gravel After winning the last two rounds of the FIA World Rally Championship, the Subaru World Rally Team will start next week's Rally Italia Sardinia intent on scoring a hat trick of gravel wins. Previously hosted in the Italian Riviera town of Sanremo, this year the Italian round o...

Mon September 27, 2004

Rallye-Info trainspotter points at Loeb WRC Rallye-Info trainspotter points at Loeb It could basically be a foregone conclusion with 4 rounds to go that the 2004 WRC titles belong to Sébastien Loeb and Citroen. Both would be worthy champions. Last year the title was such a close call with luck involved, i.e. Petter Solberg’s huge tyre advantage on Corsica, that ...

Norway's WRC bit still alive WRC Norway's WRC bit still alive The norwegian car racing federation together with Rally VM invest AS and the orginasation Rally Norway has decided to make an application for a WRC rally, to the FIA They have been in contact with the FIA and the FIA are interested in having one more snow rally in Scandinavia...

Petter Talks About his Wales Victory Subaru Petter Talks About his Wales Victory 22 September 2004 - Petter Solberg: Wales Rally was the hardest finish I can remember, but one of the best. Sebastien is a very determined guy. We had the most incredible battle, this is a good result for the sport and we put on a great show - but it was not an easy task on Sunda...

Sat September 25, 2004

Skoda allowed new parts for Italy Skoda Skoda allowed new parts for Italy Škoda Motorsport, along with the rest of the World Rally Championship teams, ventures into the unknown as it prepares for Rally of Italy – Sardinia (October 1-3) for this is the first time the WRC has set foot on the Italian island in its 31-year history. The event replaces the ...

Fri September 24, 2004

Peugeot Corrado Provera: Peugeot stays in 2005

WRC Itinerary Italy

Ford's Italian Job Ford Ford's Italian Job Island hopping in the Mediterranean will be on the agenda for the BP-Ford World Rally Team during the next month as the FIA World Rally Championship moves into its final quarter. Sardinia and Corsica play host to rounds 13 and 14, but there will be little opportunity for relaxat...

Wed September 22, 2004

Nick Gullino: The orchestra conductor Peugeot Nick Gullino: The orchestra conductor Before being appointed as team manager at Peugeot Sport, Nicola Gullino – better known to his friends as 'Nick' – had tried his hand at everything to do with rallying, or nearly. We caught up with him prior to Italy's round of the World Rally Championship in Sardinia. ...

Skoda decision due within weeks Skoda Skoda decision due within weeks Skoda and Volkswagen board members are due to decide within the next couple of weeks whether or not the Czech marque will have a future in the World Rally Championship beyond the end of this year. After completing 4 events of a limited programme of 7 this year, the improvement in...

Kopecky gets third Fabia for Catalunya Skoda Kopecky gets third Fabia for Catalunya Talented Czech driver Jan Kopecky will steer a third official Škoda Fabia WRC on Rallye Catalunya (October 29-31) alongside Škoda Motorsport World Rally Team drivers Toni Gardemeister and Armin Schwarz. It will be Jan’s third WRC appearance after contesting last year‘s Deutschlan...


WRC Italy Tipping @ 08:01 AM - Get your tips in today for Italy's round of the world rally championship.

WRC Tipping @ 07:55 AM - Results from Wales are now available and this years tally has been updated.

Sun September 19, 2004

WRC Italy starting order

Toni denied top 10 result by accident Skoda Toni denied top 10 result by accident Rally GB again confirmed the continuing progress made by Škoda Motorsport’s Fabia WRC development programme but the team was denied a top 10 overall result by bad luck. Toni Gardemeister slid off the road into a river near the end of day two and the time lost while spectators wre...

Seb loses battle but wins the war WRC Seb loses battle but wins the war Sebastien Loeb had to be content with second spot once again on the Wales Rally of GB as Norway's Petter Solberg stole a victory from under his nose, but it's not quite a repeat of the horrors of 2003 for the Citroen man. Last year on this event his title hopes were cruell...


WRC Makes title battle @ 10:08 AM - provisional, unofficial standings after GB: 1st Citroen 150points // 2nd Ford 112 // 3rd Subaru 91 /cut*/ 4th Peugeot 76 // 5th Mitsubishi 17 - *cut marks the point of mathematical title chance yes/no

WRC Drivers title battle @ 10:06 AM - provisional, unofficial standings after GB: 1st Loeb 92points // 2nd Solberg 64 // 3rd Märtin 59 // 4th Sainz 55 /cut*/ 5th Grönholm 47 // 6th Duval 43 // 7th Hirvonen 23 // 8th Rovanperä 20 // 9th Tuohino 16 // 10th Loix 7 - *cut marks the point of mathematical title chance yes/no

WRC GB end results @ 09:47 AM - Unofficial, provisional positions after SS19: 1. Solberg 3:42:39.5 2. Loeb +6.3 3. Märtin +2:53.7 4. Sainz +3:42.1 5. Duval +4:41.3 6. Rovanperä +6:44.9 7. Hirvonen +7:08.3 8. Stohl +10:20.1 9. Vouilloz +15:12.3 10. Warmbold +15:49.3

WRC Final day battle begins @ 04:37 AM - Loeb opens up his margin after spin from Solberg ... leaderboard after SS16 ... 1. LOEB 3:10:27.6 ... 2. SOLBERG +8.6 ... 3. MÄRTIN +2:28.8 ... 4. SAINZ +2:50.2 ... 5. DUVAL +4:06.1 ... 6. ROVANPERÄ +6:00.8 ... 7. HIRVONEN +6:15.9 ... 8. HIGGINS +9:00.7 ... 9. STOHL +9:15.0 ... 10. WARMBOLD +13:26.2

Sat September 18, 2004

Toni to fight to the finish Skoda Toni to fight to the finish The Škoda Motorsport World Rally Team is being led by Toni Gardemeister on the second day of Rally GB. Toni was in tenth position until he slid off the road for 30 minutes on SS14. The team lost Jani Paasonen following a clutch problem that forced him to stop during SS12 today. O...

Tricky first day for Skoda crews Skoda Tricky first day for Skoda crews After the first leg of Rally GB, Škoda Motorsport World Rally Team drivers Toni Gardemeister and Jani Paasonen were in 11th and 14th places but Armin Schwarz retired on tonight’s final stage. In the tough conditions the Fabias hit 150kph on some sections and both Armin and Toni s...


WRC GB SS14 - last real day2 stage @ 12:04 AM - Loeb's lead shrinks to under 7s. Rovanperä sweeps past Hirvonen by only 0.4s. Tuohino stopped in stage. Gardemeister crashed into a ditch and was stuck for 30min. Sadly this is the last Skoda out of the frame. Unofficial, provisional positions after SS14: 1. Loeb 2:53:11.8 2. Solberg +6.8 3. Märtin +2:13.8 4. Sainz +2:30.7 5. Duval +3:44.4 6. Rovanperä +5:39.1 7. Hirvonen +5:39.5 8. Higgins +8:02.0 9. Stohl +8:32.7 10. Warmbold +12:21.9

WRC Pro-hunt lobby delays event @ 10:40 AM - Wales Rally GB delayed by peaceful protesters. An offically unnamed group of peaceful protesters has delayed the first 12 rally cars in the village of Llanfinangel Nant Bran, Powys. Llanfinangel Nant Bran is on the road section from Sennybridge (TC10) to the Start of Special Stage 11, Crychan 2. First car on the road, car number 20 (Warmbold) started SS11 at 12.30. (SS 11 was originally scheduled to start at 12.05).

WRC GB SS13 - Leaderboard @ 09:21 AM - Märtin managed to stay ahead of Sainz and keep 3rd place, by 15.9s. So Märtin lost 1 1/2 minutes with his engine problem. Rovanperä is catching Hirvonen. Unofficial, provisional positions after SS13: 1. Loeb 2:38:01.6 2. Solberg +10.6 3. Märtin +2:07.6 4. Sainz +2:23.5 5. Duval +3:34.8 6. Hirvonen +5:16.5 7. Rovanperä +5:26.8 8. Higgins +7:31.1 9. Stohl +8:02.5 10. Gardemeister +8:31.5

WRC Märtin with engine problems @ 08:31 AM - Markko Märtin struggles since the first stage of the 2nd loop with engine problems. He should be able to carry on, but he has to complete this loop of 3 stages with this problem and is bound to lose much time. Jani Paasonen retired with clutch failure.

WRC Leaderboard after SS10 @ 06:46 AM - Loeb opens up a slender advantage after the first run through Halfway (SS10) ... 1. LOEB 2:11:46.0 ... 2. SOLBERG +17.2 ... 3. MÄRTIN +53.0 ... 4. SAINZ +2:09.0 ... 5. DUVAL +3:38.5 ... 6. HIRVONEN +4:48.7 ... 7. ROVANPERÄ +5:16.4 ... 8. HIGGINS +6:46.7 ... 9. GARDEMEISTER +7:20.9 ... 10. STOHL +7:27.3

WRC Gronholm's annus horribilis @ 06:44 AM - Marcus Gronholm's terrible year continues as he crashes out of the Wales Rally of Great Britain on stage 9, the first run through Epynt.

Fri September 17, 2004

Solberg holds on tight to Seb WRC Solberg holds on tight to Seb It's been a fascinating first day through the six stages of South Wales on the Wales Rally of GB. The opening pair of Brechfa and Trawscoed saw Citroen's star Loeb blast away and actually take advantage of his road-sweeping position, however the muddier stages of the after...


WRC GB SS7 - Havoc end of day @ 01:12 PM - Loads of havoc: Grönholm hits a gate post with force but doesn't lose time. Duval losses brakes and near 2m. Hirvonen spins and loses near 1m. Rovanperä: "I hit an extremely large rock on middle of road and the gearbox is gone since", lost 3m. Schwarz crash, retired. Unofficial, provisional positions after day1: 1. Loeb 1:45:56.6 2. Solberg +8.4 3. Grönholm +15.9 4. Märtin +35.0 5. Sainz +1:48.5 6. Hirvonen +3:17.0 7. Duval +3:31.1 8. Rovanperä +4:54.5 9. Higgins +6:05.3 10. H Solberg +6:21.6

WRC GB SS6 - the gaps close @ 10:04 AM - The gaps at the front are closing, Solberg sweeps past Grönholm, Carlsson has crashed out. Unofficial, provisional positions after SS6: 1. Loeb 1:27:29.0 2. Solberg +12.0 3. Grönholm +16.5 4. Märtin +31.6 5. Sainz +1:33.8 6. Duval +1:44.6 7. Rovanperä +1:56.5 8. Hirvonen +2:30.4 9. Higgins +5:09.4 10. Schwarz +5:13.8

WRC GB SS5 - long wait now... @ 06:57 AM - ...however they managed this, we have 2 stages left for the day which takes 7 hours! No major drama on this SS5. However we have a flashback to SS3, where rally legend Jimmy McRae retired his Subaru with transmission problems. Also emberrassingly out after only about 5km this morning: both the ex works Hyundais with Craig Middleton and Steve Petch. Unofficial, provisional positions after SS5: 1. Loeb 1:09:09.0 2. Grönholm +14.8 3. Solberg +19.0 4. Märtin +32.9 5. Sainz +1:23.6 6. Duval +1:34.4 7. Rovanperä +1:37.7 8. Hirvonen +2:02.3 9. Carlsson +3:53.4 10. Higgins +3:57.9

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