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Sun June 15, 2003


Ford Estonia's favourite son @ 12:17 AM - The impact of Markko Märtin's Acropolis Rally victory in Estonia was huge. He received a congratulatory telephone call from the Prime Minister shortly after the finish. A media passenger ride on the Monday morning was interrupted by a telephone call from the President of Estonia who called Märtin to offer his congratulations on behalf of the nation.

Tue June 10, 2003

WRC Let us marvel at Carlos the Great

Sun June 8, 2003

Skoda Didier Claims Ninth

Citroen Citroen Close Gap in Championship Chase

Hyundai Stohl Happy with Debut in Hyundai

Peugeot Burns up to 4th without 2nd!

WRC GR03 - Final Results & Retirements

WRC Magic Markko Takes Deserving Win

Subaru Petter & Tommi Miss Out on Better

Peugeot Quotes before last loop

WRC GR03 - SS22 Märtin's 1st 1st!

WRC GR03 - SS21 2nd & 4th change!

WRC GR03 - SS20 Petter into 2nd

WRC GR03 - SS19 positions stationary-just!

WRC GR03 - SS18 Hot Battles for 2nd & 5th

WRC GR03 - SS17, Petter Fast & Field Close!


WRC Prov. Makes WRC standings: @ 02:15 PM - 1st,Peugeot,73points // 2nd,Citroen,62 // 3rd,Ford,39 // 4th,Subaru,37 // 5th,Skoda,20 // 6th,Hyundai,3

WRC Final Excitement - Markko Wins @ 02:15 PM - Overall final results: 1. Markko Martin, 2. Carlos Sainz, 3. Petter Solberg, 4. Richard Burns, 5. Tommi Makinen, 6. Harri Rovanpera, 7. Gilles Panizzi, 8. Colin McRae and of note Jarri-Matti Latvala took 10th. And one of the site visitors Gusz put in some absolute genious tips, the top 5 correct!!! Tipping Results here.

WRC Prov. Drivers WRC standings: @ 02:08 PM - 1st,Burns,37points // 2nd,Sainz,32 // 3rd,Grönholm,30 // 4th,Märtin,23 // 5th,Solberg,19 // 6th,Mc Rae,18 // 7th,Loeb,17 // 8th,Mäkinen,15 // 9th,Duval,9 // 10th,Gardemeister,9

WRC Huge action - 1 stage left @ 12:57 AM - Mc Rae has a misfire and dropped at least 2 places! Fights for 2nd and 4th are huge and totally unpredictable! More in the SS21 report!

WRC Positions After Leg 2 @ 03:43 AM - Positions ahead of what will be a dramatic final leg. Martin, Sainz, Solberg, McRae, Makinen, Burns - stay tuned for all the news.

Sat June 7, 2003

Citroen Second & Fourth - Citroen Doing Well

Skoda Auriol Holds Ninth after Leg 2

Subaru Fastest Stage Times Sit Petter Well

Hyundai Manfred Stohl Fights on for Hyundai

Peugeot Peugeot trying to get in gear

WRC Steady nerves from Markko on leg two

WRC Leg 3 Starting Order & Leg 2 Results

WRC GR03 - After SS16

WRC GR03 - After SS15

WRC GR03 - After SS14

Peugeot Quotes after SS11

WRC GR03 - After SS13

WRC GR03 - After SS11


WRC Solberg in trouble! @ 08:23 AM - Solberg has lost a minute in SS11 with transmission problems on his Subaru. This harms his challenge, he was only 6.7s off the lead before this stage. This was 2nd place following Rovanperä's gearbox problems.

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