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Adrian Kirk-Burnnand (past) - Profile

Selected profile, Adrian Kirk-Burnnand (past)

Nationality: Australian.

Lives: Perth, Australia.

Personal Message:

I've really only been a rally fan since about the mid 90's, but there's no getting me out of it! Definitely the best sport in the world.

I started my site, Adrian's Subaru World Rally Team Fan Site, in 1998 and I've been working on it ever since.

I simply enjoy rallying and the community that is involved with it - I look forward to talking to you on my Subaru Message Board.

Lastly, here is a funnier-than-usual character profile. This is written by a close friend of all at :

Adrian Kirk-Burnnand - Another graduate of the What School? Diploma, Adrian boldly tossed aside the notion of studying for his final year exams because a WRC event was being run in his backyard. Fair enough. Fortunately he is a brilliant web designer with enthusiastic parents, so one way or the other he's going to stay clothed and fed.

Adrian also fooled the web world into thinking he must be a hell of a lot older and more travelled than he is - because everyone in the world that likes, has, owned or touched a Subaru has been contacted by him. In fact, he's a quiet young man living in the most isolated city in the world, but they're facts that don't stop him from knowing every Subaru contact that almost speaks English.

Adrian has recently acquired his first Subaru, and plans are underway for a PC to be installed in the dash so that he can update the site as he drives. Adrian should, in reality, be working with NASA on e-communications for the space station, but until they put a WRC on the moon, I doubt it.

Adrian's claim to infamy was telling the webdesigner from a high-profie Australian rally team that their site was no good, to their face, without realising it. Needless to say he didn't get the contract for re-designing, which is more their loss.

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