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Ron Salter (past publisher) - Profile

Selected profile, Ron Salter (past publisher)

Nationality: British.

Lives: Aldershot, UK..

Personal Message:

I've Been into rallying throughout the nineties and up until now. Got interested orignally by following the results of the Skoda Favorit's on Ceefax (web-less days!) and seeing them reach the Top-10 on rallies such as the Acropolis. My interest in the sport grew more and more and I have been involved with running a site to do with the sport now since 1999 when Skoda made their World Rally Car debut.

Lastly, here is a funnier-than-usual character profile. This is written by a close friend of all at :

Ron Salter - Despite the gross misconception that Ronnie Salter is an octogenarian ex-pat based in the Czech republic who has loved Skoda since the day it invented a bicycle, Ron is actually a young man based in Hampshire, and surprisingly normal apart from his insistence that the Skoda logo is not a comical chicken, but a winged arrow. (He's also incredibly disrespectful to people concerned about their age.)

Ron is the most knowledgeable source when it comes to the Czech marque - so much so that even Skoda PR are impressed by the positive work he does for the brand. Not surprisingly, Ron doesn't think it's funny when car park attendant apologise that "some lark has stuck a Skoda badge" on his car.

Ron runs an incredibly successful Skoda site - he became so infatuated with the dramatic rise of his hit-counter and giving a rival Ferrari site a run for its money that he completely forgot to sit his A levels. No worries, Ron survived both high-school and the demise of Rivals with his Skoda passion in tact and now contributes to

He's even been rumoured to do a positive article about Peugeot. Ron's passion in things east of Vienna extends to his new interest in Roman Kresta, a talented young driver from a small forgotten country, who Ron would like to see run for President.

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