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Ben Mulkern (past publisher) - Profile

Selected profile, Ben Mulkern (past publisher)

Nationality: British.

Lives: United Kingdom.

Personal Message:


Lastly, here is a funnier-than-usual character profile. This is written by a close friend of all at :

Ben Mulkern - Government employee & family man by day; completely obsessed McRae fan by night. Ben Mulkern is the source on Colin McRae, his rallying, his team, his family, and possibly even McRae's shopping list.

Ben's family provides enough balance to keep him sane, despite his habits of organising family holidays that just happen to co-incide with "oh look, a WRC". Ben has done some bizarre things in his time for rallying, and sleeping by roadsides for his sport is just one of the tamer things. As a result, he's a great source for rally stories, and possibly for used cans of WD-40 from the Ford camp.

Strangely, Ben drives a Subaru and not a Ford, and not even in the condition that McRae used to keep his Subaru. By 2003 Ben should have been to every WRC round there is, even if he has to put his family in a caravan and tow them to Argentina.

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