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Andrew Dunwoody (past publisher) - Profile

Selected profile, Andrew Dunwoody (past publisher)

Nationality: British.

Lives: United Kingdom.

Personal Message:

This site just goes to show what you can do when you put your mind to it.

Lastly, here is a funnier-than-usual character profile. This is written by a close friend of all at :

He became a Peugeot man and not just because Rivals used to send him fat cheques to do so. He's also got a soft spot for Delecour and any other driver that tends to display bizarre personality traits. Andy's sense of humour is slightly off the wall, something which is very much needed in WRC and sport in general. He insists that no drugs help to get him like that.

Andy is also wanted by the RSCPA for accidentally trapping some kittens under the floorboards in his excitement during the 2000 WRC. His WRC reporting scoop was his story on Richard Burn's illegal kebab running jaunts; a story which I'm adamant will make it into the Ginger Whinger's hands this Rally Oz.

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