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Chris Biewer - Profile

Selected profile, Chris Biewer

Nationality: German.

Lives: Merzig, Saarland, Germany.

Personal Message:

After some successes in karting, in 1989, aged 22, I picked up my all time dream, rallying, in quite a serious way: doing a whole 11round national series in an N4 Subaru for a start. But the car proved extremely fragile, parts expensive and hard to get while Subaru and their importers didn’t seem in the slightest interested to help any amateur. I didn’t get a single clean run in 11 rallies and all that was left after that year was a dented confidence and empty pockets!

Things improved much with an old N3 Peugeot 205. I rallied that car for 7 years and owned it for 10, while in between the rallies it served as my day to day road car! Unfortunately, the 1989 disaster meant that I could never again afford to do more than 2-3 events (including internationals) per year and the result was that it always took me a while to find a rhythm and confidence on the rallies plus I could never afford to take risks. Despite all this I still managed a couple of 2nd and 3rd places in class, mostly against more powerful opposition! (My 205 often being the only non-16v car in N3 but its handling seemed to make up for this.)

Now the car is out of date and there is no way I can afford a new, competitive rally car and use it in a decent way. But what nobody can take away from me is the support and the many nice people and friends I found at Peugeot Sport and the UK Peugeot Rally Club, contacts and friends that stayed loyal to me to the date!

These friends and contacts, my memories and my enthusiasm for rallying make me really proud to be on board with – the perfect way to stay involved with what will always be my favorite subject and interest and to find even more friends and contacts sharing the same interest.

Lastly, here is a funnier-than-usual character profile. This is written by a close friend of all at :

Chris lives in Germany. Therefore it's impossible (and most probably illegal) to have fun...

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