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I found it a bit sad to delete the Rally de Los Alerces text below. But the rally never went ahead, Romania joined a year later, is new and difficult to say something before it ran.

To include the Rally de Los Alerces in the IRC calendar from 2011 is a big surprise. The IRC struggles to attract crews to events outside Europe, which however is essential for an alternative world series, even having the "intercontinental" in its name. In the early years attempts have been in Africa, China, Japan and South America. Japan even never got the event off the ground, China did but with most useless organisation, Africa simply must be part of any proud and spiritual rally series, but teams could hardly be convinced to spend the money. South America is the only continent that half worked. In the Rally de Curitiba we had a Brazilian event sharing host town, and such logistic expenses, between IRC & WTCC. The Rally de Curitiba was part of the IRC in 2009 & 2010. In 2010 it was followed up by the Rally Argentina in its off WRC year.

However the Rally de Los Alerces is in Argentina and not to be mistaken for the Rally Argentina. The Rally Argentina has suffered in WRC. Many old school fans would have hoped the Rally Argentina to be expanded to the North-West again, twoards Chile, Bolivia, etc., way into the Andes Mountains, where in the 1970s drivers even had to wear oxygen masks at 4500 metres altitude and more. Gives the word "breathtaking rally scenery" a whole new meaning! So surprisingly the Rally de Los Alerces is not in that area at all, in contrary it is very far to the South of Argentina, easily one of the most Southern rallies in history. What to expect from this event in character, surface and scenery we have to wait and see.

In 2011 this is the only IRC round outside Europe. And still it's choice is a bit of a surprise. The South Americans are undoubted for enthusiasm for the sport. The Rally Argentina was an IRC round 2010, but it returns to WRC in 2011 and therefore was no more available to IRC. Why we stayed in Argentina and lose the Rally Brazil Curitiba after only 2 years at the same time is anybody's guess. But even though I am confident Los Alerces (which is a forestry National Park) is going to be a great rally.

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Year Pos. No. Driver Co-Driver Car
2013 IRC 1st #1 Jan Kopecky Pavel Dresler Skoda Fabia (2) S2000 Evo2
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2012 IRC 1st #1 Andreas Mikkelsen Ola Floene Skoda Fabia (2)
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